MIKE GOLD: My All-Time Favorite Comic Book Cover

Mike Gold

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9 Responses

  1. mike baron says:

    That War Wheel cover haunts me still.

  2. Bill Spangler says:

    Those are definitely swell covers. But I read somewhere that the current system often requires covers to be in the hands of Diamond before before the stories are locked down. If that's right (and I'm not sure it is) that may be one reason why there are so few story-driven covers.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Diamond needs them early, there's no doubt about that. But not so early as to mitigate against story-related covers.

  3. Mark Behar says:

    I like those old-school covers with the large battling figures in the foreground.

  4. Domenic Corbo says:

    I always had a warm spot for the mini-massive battle cover, the best example being Fantastic Four #26.

    • Mike Gold says:

      One of the all-time great crossovers. An entire Crisis On Infinite Secret Civil Wars, all in two issues!

  5. Larry Shell says:

    Before I even paged down to the images, I thought of that Batman "Robin Dies At Dawn" cover as one of my all time favorites. Great minds think alike, Mike, and so do we!

  6. Michael H. Price says:

    Headlong motion, that's the ticket — the sense of a force sufficient to thrust the book off the racks and smack into your mitts. The first new-Hawkman tryout in Brave & Bold, for example. Green Lantern's gigantic gila-monster painting. Or the "Flash of Two Worlds" come-on. Or Fin-Fang-Fooey at proto-Marvel. Or quite a few of the earlier Gold Key covers — which conveyed an illusion of something more nearly grown-up, akin to the Dell Paperback Novels.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Loved all of those. But that first B&B Hawkman — I bought that on my way to the eye doctor for my first exam. He put those ultra-potent drops in my eyes and told me to sit in the waiting room for an hour. I had this comic book on my lap and my mother wouldn't let me read it because of the eye drops. She said I'd do blind (I think she used this reasoning a couple years later for something else). So all I could do was stare at this great, great Joe Kubert cover.For the past 40 years, I can't drive through the Lincoln Tunnel without thinking of that cover.