The Rock comes to Shazam?

Mike Gold

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3 Responses

  1. John McCarthy says:

    Duane sure doesn't look like Fred MacMurray.Don't know if that's good or bad in itself, but The Rock, while a handsome devil, has a much tougher appearance than I would have cast for Captain Marvel. More like Black Adam, actually. . .

  2. Mike Gold says:

    Black Adam – that's a good call.For those who don't know, artist and co-creator C.C. Beck modeled the original Captain Marvel after actor Fred MacMurray. It will be interesting to see how the movie handles the whimsy of the source material; Jeff Smith is doing a wonderful job of it in his current Shazam!: Monster Society of Evil mini-series.

  3. Arthur Tebbel says:

    As with most comic book adaptations the most important part of the Shazam movie, Rock or no Rock, will be how it handles the duality of the main character. The problem is that comics has been struggling with characterizing Captain Marvel for so long.Jeff Smith has been doing an amazing job and I think a big part of that has been the return to a separation between Billy Batson and Captain Marvel. I think that's a much better idea than the worlds strongest 11 year old that he's been portrayed in the modern DCU (no disrespect to the amazing run by Jerry Ordway). This would put a lot more pressure on a child actor though. We'll see how it goes.I think The Rock is capable of being a good Captain Marvel though.