Superman’s birthmom to Who

Mike Gold

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3 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    And lo, there came upon the pages of Lone Justice some sweet, sweet soul cleansing catharsis. Beautiful, bloody action. Mayhem! Men getting knocked about like six-pins with a baseball bat. (Wait, I'm mixing my sports metaphors!) Loopy Action Hero lines like, "Batter's Up!"Seriously, a great episode. The best choreographed fight sequence yet in Lone Justice. Shades of Mike "Badger" Baron or Judo Master Frank McLaughlin.Strategically it's a mistake for Octavius to don the mask in the middle of Lone Justice's hideout, for the reasons a put forth in my comment to LJ #26. But, it's hard to think about Global Strategy when you are watching your friends get beat on by a Goon Squad.And it looks like the crowd may come to Lone Justice's aid. Because if there is any real Justice, can it stand alone for long?

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Okay – getting compared to THE BADGER and JUDO MASTER is very cool. But – I keep my Goon Squad in FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER!

  2. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    As I rush to get everything ready for the week at the San Diego Comic Con I want to let everyone know that I will be signing and sketching at the Insight Studios booth, #2308. We are right across the aisle from Graphtti and DC Comics. I will have the LONE JUSTICE ASHCAN and fancy art prints as well as original art from a variety of my comic book series including EZ STREET, FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER and some of my Edgar Rice Burroughs illustrations. You will be able to view giant cover reproductions of the new HAMMER OF THE GODS: MORTAL ENEMY graphic novel and the new FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER: MADE MAN graphic novel (both published by IDW/COMICMIX. Click here for more information on the LONE JUSTICE ASHCAN. Click here for a taste of the LONE JUSTICE theme song.And click here to watch the LONE JUSTICE video trailer.I'm looking forward to seeing some of you in San Diego.