Roddenberry, Scott, Emsh, & Wolfe: Hall of Famers

Mike Gold

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Chary says:

    Eight years after we talked about Wolfe? Geez. Well, at least managed to get Ray Bradbury in.

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    OK. The Picnic Lynching has some context. Jack Johnson was there to see it. I can see how a scene like this would motivate Jack to be as flashy as possible later in life, with fancy cars, fancy women and a golden smile.I just wish Von Eeden the Writer were more confident of the mastery of Von Eeden the Artist. Nearly all the text on page 48 is redundant. "The old man's eyes had a dead vacant look." That's true. You can see that look in the old man's eyes, because Von Eeden the Artist has drawn that look REALLY well. You can see the mix of desperation, horror and resignation in the old man's eyes. Likewise, we can SEE what compassionless monsters these lynchers are. Their actions and dialog speak for themselves. We don't need Trevor Von Eeden the Narrator to tell us what we can plainly see and clearly judge for ourselves. It's pedantic and annoying when he does. It bogs down the story and actually detracts from the emotional impact I think Von Eeden's looking for.The dialog is still heavy handed. But the bitter irony of the lynching taking place as a precursor to Evil Uncle Sam's going to a Sunday Church Service was not lost on me. Nor was horror of the little boy saying, "Can we do this again next weekend, Pa?" As if the boy and his dad had been flying kites or something. That's heavy handed. But a very creepy, sickening, well written bit of heavy handed writing. Not subtle at all, but I'll admit, sometimes a hard punch to the gut can make a point too.