Wanna Archie #1?

Mike Gold

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9 Responses

  1. EmilyB says:

    Just started reading this strip and love it. I never thought noir and talking animals would mix well, but now I've happily been proven wrong. Since I'm a comics newbie, I'm interested to know if this has been attempted before in other comics, specifically in a noir setting.

    • Andrew Pepoy says:

      Hi! Glad to have a new reader! There are a couple other noir stories in S&A's older adventures, which can also be found here on ComicMix. There was also a "Max Hamm" comics storybook a few years back, plus "Sam & Max: Freelance Police", which is always fun and sometimes noir. But I hope you'll keep reading S&A here. As previously announced, coming after "The Maltese Duck"…. Pirates!

  2. Tarkas says:

    Great chapter — as usual for S&A — but what happened to page 38? It just comes up black with the "loading" cue, and never loads. Shame, because this is a fun series, and, from pp 37 and 39, I think I missed something to do with the duck's liver and his gang.

    • Andrew Pepoy says:

      Seems to be working now. Hope you'll try again.And thanks for reading S&A.

  3. Dan Davis says:

    A Duck on the Lamb! MMmmmmmmm. Things are cooking now!

  4. chuck says:

    Really enjoying the series and the visual gags and puns…Sorry to nit-pick…instead of 'on the lamb', shouldn't it be 'on the lam'?