Bechdel has Fun in NYC

Elayne Riggs

Elayne Riggs is the creator of the popular blog Pen-Elayne on the Web. She was a founding member of Friends of Lulu, an organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of girls and women in comics, as readers and creators. She is married to inker Robin Riggs, with whom she shares two cats, and has odd love/hate relationship with Hillary Clinton.

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6 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    Another great segment, and now we know how Bob got his name! Bob was downright hilarious. Thanks.

  2. Christopher Mills says:

    I am so loving this. Thanks, guys!

  3. Tim Tyler says:

    love it. Thats all I have to say.

  4. Elayne Riggs says:

    No, no shoot Bob! Bob is my favorite character so far. :)

    • John Ostrander says:

      The MOST negative letters I EVER got on an issue from the original run of GrimJack was when Gaunt, in a psychotic state, kicked Bob. Folks get very defensive about ol' Bob and the writer better pay attention.

  5. Hall442 says:

    *sigh* Finally, I'm home…. Munden's.:)Thanks so much for the doorway back! Keep on writing. I'm reading.