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Panel Fest Episode 19: Pulpfest 2013 William Patrick Maynard


New Pulp Author William Patrick Maynard reads from his latest Fu Manchu novel, from The Triumph of Fu Manchu at the 2013 PulpFest convention. The panel was recorded by The Book Cave’s Art Sippo.

Listen to Panel Fest Episode 19: PulpFest 2013 William Patrick Maynard here.

From PulpFest website:
Bill Maynard Presents Fu Manchu
They were called scribes, word slingers, hacks, and penny-a-worders. But perhaps the most favored term, especially among the men and women who

labored for the bloody pulps, was fictioneer or, more specifically, a fiction writer, particularly a prolific creator of commercial or pulp fiction. Join PulpFest as we celebrate today’s fictioneers—the authors writing the new pulp fiction—the New Fictioneers!

Our special guest, William Patrick Maynard, will get things rolling on Friday, July 26th. Authorized by the estate of Sax Rohmer to continue the Fu Manchu series, Maynard’s debut novel, The Terror of Fu Manchu, was published in 2009 by Black Coat Press. A sequel, The Destiny of Fu Manchu, followed in 2012. Bill will be reading from The Triumph of Fu Manchu, his forthcoming novel concerning Rohmer’s fabulous devil doctor.

Listen to Panel Fest Episode 19: PulpFest 2013 William Patrick Maynard here.

Black Coat Press Seeks Retribution

Cover Art: Amar Djouad

New Pulp Publisher Black Coat Press has released SHADOWS OF THE OPERA: RETRIBUTION IN BLOOD by Rick Lai.

“We are the Acolytes of the Shadows! We are the dispensers of justice! We are the punishers of the guilty! We are the executioners of the sinful!”

About Shadows of The Opera: Retribution In Blood:
“The Revenant’s bounty shall be paid by me personally. The Revenant’s killer must present her head to me.” Such was the decree of Colonel Bozzo-Corona, all-powerful master of the Black Coats. For years, the female vigilante had used the methods of her late mentor, the mysterious Phantom of the Opera, to foil the schemes of that sinister criminal conspiracy. Now they, in turn, marshal their forces in a vast venture to strike back at their enemy and gain mastery of Europe.

They create their ultimate assassin, a true Lord of Terror. They forge an alliance with the diabolical, green-eyed mandarin who dominates the Asian underworld. And, finally, a new Countess Cagliostro emerges from their midst as a seductive siren who shall control the destinies of all the great men of France.

As the Revenant and her Acolytes of the Shadows combat these threats, an even more dangerous force interferes in the form of an ageless witch from Martinique!

“Rick Lai’s most obvious gift lies in his ability not only to envision obscure connections between diverse works of fiction, but to embellish those connections and weave a tapestry that proves enthralling as a literary work able to stand independent of the celebrated originals.” — William Patrick Maynard (author of The Terror of Fu Manchu).

Introduction by William Patrick Maynard
Legacy of the Phantom
The Fire Eater
The Heir of Pistolet
The Face of Fu Hsi
A Bullet for the Colonel
The Brigand Princess
The Werewolf’s Daughter
Dance on My Grave
Cast of Characters

US$22.95/GBP 14.99
6×9 tpb, 276 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-188-0

Learn more about Rick Lai’s Shadows of The Opera: Retribution In Blood here.

The Ruby Files Bursts onto Kindle

Cover Art: Mark Wheatley

Airship 27 Productions announced that The Ruby Files Vol. 1 is now available on Kindle. The recently announced 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winner for Best New Character is now available in paperback and ebook formats to meet your pulpy two-fisted crime thriller needs.

You can find The Ruby Files on Kindle here.

About The Ruby Files:


It was the 1930s and America was locked in the grip of the Great Depression. Gangsters controlled the major cities while outlaws roamed the rural back country. It was a time of Speak Easy gin-joints, Tommy-guns, fast cars and even faster dames. This is the world of New York based Private Investigator Rick Ruby, a world he is all too familiar with. From the back alleys of Gotham to the gold laden boulevards of Hollywood, Ruby is the shamus with a nose for trouble and an insatiable appetite for justice. So if you’ve got a taste for hot lead and knuckle sandwiches, tug your cuffs, adjust your fedora and light up a Lucky, a brand new pulp detective is coming your way.

Created by pulp masters, Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor, Rick Ruby echoes the tales of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe while offering up his own brand of two-fisted action. Joined by fellow pulp smiths Andrew Salmon and William Patrick Maynard, these modern scribes of purple prose present a quartet of tales to delight any true lover of private eye fiction.


To learn more about The Ruby Files, visit the official Rick Ruby site at http://RickRuby.blogspot.com




For the first time since its inception, the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention will be devoting a five hour block to the ever popular New Pulp Movement in what they have labeled New Pulp Sunday.
“Given the number of New Pulp creators and publishers that attend our convention, we felt devoting a day of programming to the energetic world of New Pulp was natural and would be fun for attendees.  Hopefully it will introduce some folks to the wide variety of material being published today under the New Pulp banner.”  Doug Ellis, co-founder and promoter of the Windy City Paper & Pulp Convention.
To that end Ellis reached to out to several of his New Pulp contacts, amongst them Ron Fortier, Managing Editor of Airship 27 Productions and Tommy Hancock, Managing Editor of Pro Se Productions.  With a list of their colleagues planning on attending this year’s convention, Fortier and Hancock put together a program schedule that would include three panels and eight authors’ readings.  Joining them in these events are noted New Pulp Creators Chris Bell, Rob Davis, Joe Bonadonna, David C. Smith, Wayne Reinagel, William Patrick Maynard, David White and Terrence McCauley.
For the past four years the Windy City Convention has hosted the Pulp Factory Awards, given out by one of several New Pulp groups that celebrate the best in new pulp fiction and artwork.  “The creation of New Pulp Sunday is a logical expansion of the con’s support for all things pulp related,” said Fortier.  “We are thrilled at this recognition ofNew Pulp and promise all attendees a five hour block of truly wonderful readings and panels that clearly demonstrate the continued evolution of pulp fiction from the old to the new.”
Hancock added, “Everyone involved in the New Pulp Movement knows where the roots of what we do lie, exactly in the fiction that the Windy City Pulp And Paper Convention has helped preserve and promote since its inception.   It’s an honor for those of us who feel like we’re walking in the shadows of giants to be welcomed into the Convention program in such a way.  It’s also an opportunity to let fans of Pulp of all kinds know that the sort of stories they enjoy in the classic Pulps are still being written today.”
The complete, detailed New Pulp Sunday schedule will appear in the convention’s program booklet.
Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention
April 12 – 14
Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
70 Yorktown Center
Lombard, IL 60148


The Terror of Fu Manchu (2009) by William Patrick Maynard, Black Coat Press

Fu Manchu is a character that has been around for a century now (the original stories first appeared in magazines in 1912 before they were collected in 1913).  Over the years the character has been subject to controversy with charges of racism.

William Patrick Maynard has some big shoes to fill writing the first authorised Fu Manchu novel in over twenty years, taking over from Sax Rohmer and his protégé Cay Van Ash. But I am really pleased that he does a great job with this novel.  It’s been some time since I last read any of the Rohmer or Van Ash novels so I can’t comment how close to the style Maynard got but this is a rattling good adventure,

The story revolves around John Daniel Eltham, a former missionary in China during the Boxer Rebellion about to publish his memoirs which are initially thought might reveal something about the history of Fu Manchu.  I was quite impressed by Maynard’s recreation of the Boxer Rebellion and I was pleasantly reminded of Moonraker’s Bride by Madeline Brent (Peter O’Donnell), that is both Maynard and O’Donnell manage to evoke similar experiences for people in the same situation at the same time.

While Fu Manchu and the Si Fan want the manuscript there is another group The Brotherhood of the Magi who also want it.  What secrets does the manuscript hold the key to? Who is responsible for the snowmen containing dead bodies found on various lawns? And who is responsible for the series of Abominable Snowmen attacks on several locations? These two new and exotic threats fit beautifully with the various threats that have been included in the series before now.

It’s interesting to see the Si-Fan fighting against a rival group.  It highlights something of Petrie and Smith’s tunnel vision that Fu Manchu initially gets the blame for everything.

Surprisingly Fu Manchu’s archenemy Denis Nayland Smith disappears in the middle portion of the book as he sends Dr Petrie to Paris to follow several leads.  Not to fear Petrie meets Gaston Max another Rohmer detective who works with Petrie during his time in Paris.

Maynard has created a really good adventure with Petrie in real danger on several occasions.  The Brotherhood of the Magi are strong enough villains that they could have carried the book on their own but they make worthwhile rivals to Fu Manchu.

Maynard has another Fu Manchu novel The Destiny of Fu Manchu now available that looks just as good.


Art: Rob Moran

Art: Mark Wheatley

Star of Airship 27 Productions’ The Ruby Files, pulp p.i. Richard “Rick” Ruby took some time out of his hectic caseload to answer another reader’s question.

Sweet Thing in New York wants to know if Rick ever plans to settle down and get married?

Read Rick’s response at http://rickruby.blogspot.com/2012/10/rick-ruby-takes-your-questions-2.html

Want Rick to answer one of your questions? Leave a comment at Belle’s online.

THE RUBY FILES VOL. 1 is still available for purchase at any of the following booksellers:
Createspace paperback
Amazon paperback
Indy Planet paperback
Airship 27 Hangar ebook

The Ruby Files created by Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor.

The Ruby Files returns in 2013.


Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor discuss the creation of The Ruby Files at Josh Reynold’s blog. Please check it out at http://joshuamreynolds.blogspot.com/

And check out these other Ruby Files interviews:

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And there’s a free preview download at http://www.taylorverse.com/Rick%20Ruby%20Preview%20Edition.pdf

You can learn more about The Ruby Files and Airship 27 at http://www.airship27.com/
You can learn more about Ruby co-creator Sean Taylor at http://www.taylorverse.com/
You can learn more about Ruby co-creator Bobby Nash at http://www.bobbynash.com/

Visit the official The Ruby Files website at http://rickruby.blogspot.com/



New pages were added to the official Lance Star: Sky Ranger website at http://www.lance-star.com/ and the official The Ruby Files website at http://rickruby.blogspot.com/, which gives links to shows, conventions, signing and other appearances made by creators who worked on those title.

Meet The Ruby Files Creators. New Appearances page added.

Meet Lance Star: Sky Ranger Creators. New Appearances page added.

If you’re at any of these shows, please stop by and say hello. These creators would love to meet you. Tell them All Pulp sent ya!


Cover Art: Mark Wheatley

PULPED! The Official New Pulp Podcast presents: THE RUBY FILES GETS PULPED!

Host Tommy Hancock brings on a whole herd of Pulp Cats to talk about Airship 27 Productions’ latest original anthology – THE RUBY FILES! Listen as Ron Fortier, Rob Davis, Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, William Patrick Maynard, Mark Wheatley, and Andrew Salmon discuss noir, hard boiledness, gumshoes, dames, and more! Learn about the creation, writing, and art behind this brand new chapter in the history of Private Eye Pulp!

You can listen to THE RUBY FILES GETS PULPED! now at http://pulped.libsyn.com/webpage/pulped-the-official-new-pulp-podcast-the-ruby-files-gets-pulped