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MATT RAUB on Painkiller Jane

MATT RAUB on Painkiller Jane

Hey gang, Matt Raub back again for another TV review for the newest comic and Hollywood hybrid show, Painkiller Jane. The show is based off of Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada’s comic from the 90s about a government agent who can’t die. The episode stars Kristanna Loken, the robot hottie from Terminator 3 and another remarkably popular comic book movie, Bloodrayne.

Going into the show, I knew nothing about the comic book. All I knew is that Palmiotti knows how to draw very attractive female characters, which I sometimes reason enough to read a book, just not this time. So the episode was a fresh start for me, being an origin story of sorts.

The episode starts with one of my least favorite plot sequences, where we start the episode halfway through the plot, and then we jump back two days or so. I consider this the “J.J. Abrams” episode format, because there was a point in the last season of Alias where every episode would do that. I long for the days when we started at point A and ended at point C, without going all Sam Beckett on us and confusing the story.

After getting over that little issue of mine, I found the episode to be a little too dumbed-down for the same audience that has been taking in episode after episode of Battlestar Galactica. There were little flashbacks to things that happened six minutes ago in the episode, which I found to be unnecessary. An argument for this could be that the director of the pilot was going with a Tony Scott feel for the episode, using quick cuts and flashbacks. Either way, it felt as if they were treating an audience who lives in the land of intelligent television like they have never seen an hour long science fiction show.

Going into the story, D.E.A. officer Jane Vasko stumbles across a secret government operation that hunts “Neuros,” which are people with neurological powers, and that means a whole ton of freaks of the week. On Jane’s very first mission, she gets pushed out of a window 44 floors up. She’s pronounced dead and after a very trippy flashback sequence of everything that happened thus far in the episode, she wakes up without a scratch on her. From this point on, Jane is able to heal any of her wounds that she comes across almost instantly. You may be asking yourself the same questions I was during this episode, such as: Did she know she could heal her whole life? Why did it take falling off a building to work? Or has anybody noticed the fact that this show is a lot like Torchwood? Great questions, but I unfortunately don’t have any of the answers.

So while we have the sultry Loken as our invulnerable star, and a fresh and funky visual style that should capture the MTV audience, I don’t think this show has much of a lifespan.  It is too simplified for a Sci-Fi audience and people today need more than a name and a comic book tie to continue to watch a show. Anybody else remember Blade: The Series?

But to satisfy my fans, I still need to rate this pilot. Due to the fact that the show could have been a lot worse, I give it a 6/10, but I don’t know how much more of the show I can handle.

BBC America puts on weight

BBC America puts on weight

BBC America has announced a revamped schedule that will thrill many fans of different genres.  Beginning shortly, there will be themed blocks airing from 8 pm – 10 pm:

    * Murder Mondays – a night of scripted dramas including new seasons of Wire in the Blood starring Robson Green, and Murphy’s Law with James Nesbitt.

    * Tuesday Nitro – targeting male viewers with such shows as MI-5, which focuses on British intelligence battling international espionage and global terrorism, as well as the drama Ultimate Force about an elite army unit in dangerous situations.

    * Wicked Wednesday – aiming at female viewers with such dramas as Footballers Wive$ with Joan Collins joining for the new season; Hotel Babylon about the antics of an exclusive hotel; Goldplated, a comedy about a rich family who exists on credit cards; and Sinchronicity which follows three young party-goers who are looking for love.

    * Big Thursday – will feature new seasons of "larger-than-life" personalities such as Gordon Ramsay and his two shows: Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon Ramsay’s F Word in addition to the celebrity gossip program The Graham Norton Show.

    * Crime Scene Friday – back-to-back crime shows including Whistleblower, The Innocence Project, Silent Witness and Waking the Dead.

    * Supernatural Saturday – enters the world of science fiction and the paranormal with such shows as Jekyll, Torchwood, Life on Mars, Hex and Doctor Who.

    * The Brit Movie – a different British movie each week on Sunday nights and prior to the movie presentation, the network will air Adventure Sundays starting at 7p with new seasons of Robin Hood and Wild at Heart set in the South African bush.

Fans hoping for Torchwood to follow Doctor Who at Sci-Fi Channel as well as those of us without BBC America (curse you, Cablevision!) will no doubt be disappointed.

Torchwood picked up by BBC America

Torchwood picked up by BBC America

BBC America has picked up Torchwood, the decidely more adult Doctor Who spinoff starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness. No word yet on scheduling, or how much of the racier stuff will be trimmed for American audiences, if any. As we hear more, we’ll pass it on.

You – Who!

You – Who!

The BBC has made an arrangement with YouTube to air clips on the popular website, already servicing two of their three planned channels.

Up already and of interest to Doctor Who fans – on-set video diaries from David Tennant, the current Doctor, and from Freema Agyeman, the new companion. Freema makes her debut as Martha Jones when the new season of Doctor Who begins airing in Great Britain the end of this month.

No word yet on the availability of Torchwood, the PG-13 rated (maybe R-rated) spin-off from Doctor Who. The series is being broadcast in much of the English-speaking world, but no arrangements have been made in the United States as of yet. Torchwood‘s Captain Jack will be returning to Doctor Who for the final three episodes of the upcoming season.