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Mike Gold: Heroes Con And The Big ComicMix Reveals!

Gold Art 130605Would you like to meet ComicMix writers and staffers Martha Thomases, Marc Alan Fishman, Robert Greenberger, Adriane Nash, Glenn Hauman, and me?

Why? Geez, get a life.

All seriousness aside, the Heroes Convention in Charlotte North Carolina is one of the few large conventions that is actually still about comics. As people who memorize my columns know all too well (when they’re not wandering about Times Square mumbling to themselves), I dislike those huge shows that call themselves comic book shows or, worse, comic cons yet are nothing more than mass media B-list star feeding frenzies. Not that those shows don’t have their place; they do. Just don’t call them comic book shows unless they are actually about comic books.

You know, like the Heroes Convention in Charlotte North Carolina… this very weekend, from Friday, June 7 through Sunday, June 9, at the Charlotte Convention Center, 501 S. College Street.

It’s also a damn good show, well-run by a seasoned staff under the direction of show founder and all-around swell guy Shelton Drum.

Here’s your reward for making it this far into my column: on Saturday at 1:30 pm in

Room 207CD, ComicMix is going to have a panel called “Your Comics Your Way.” We will be making several major (honest) announcements regarding this here ComicMix thing, including the first public reveal of our new ComicMixPro Services!


Just go there. You’ll have a swell time. Seriously swell. Tell ‘em Groucho sent you. Maybe they’ll give you a DeSoto.

THURSDAY: Dennis O’Neil

FRIDAY: Martha Thomases


Superman and Batman arrested in Times Square

Superman and Batman arrested in Times Square

Sad but true. Ten blocks away from DC’s corporate headquarters, Superman and Batman were arrested yesterday by police– Superman was even charged with resisting arrest. Was the big red “S” being mind controllled?

When the men in tights refused to produce proper identification,
officers quickly cuffed Batman, while Superman flew off, screaming, “I’m not getting arrested!” Witness Ryan McCormick tells the Post, “The Man of Steel didn’t go down with just two officers, it took seven officers! He was putting up a good fight. Little kids were like, ‘Mommy, it’s Superman!’ ” The Batman quickly confessed that Superman, his cowardly cohort, “freaked out and punched the girl cop in the face.”

We have no idea where the cops got the Kryptonite needed to bring Supes down, but we assume it was from Batman’s utility belt.

I love New York in July. How about you?

Hat tip to (where else would you expect a story about Batman?) Gothamist. Photos by Idle Type.

I got a golden ticket…

I got a golden ticket…

…and no, I’m not going to the midnight showing. If there’s ever a movie to not see at midnight in Times Square, Watchmen is it.

ComicMix’s Matt Raub Selected for Netflix Contest

ComicMix’s Matt Raub Selected for Netflix Contest

ComicMix’s own Matt Raub has been selected as one of the eight contestants to participate in next week’s Netflix Movie Watching World Championship. The October 2-7 event will be seen by Manhattanites in the Times Square area.

The Quest for the Popcorn Bowl is expected to last until a new Guinness World Record, for most consecutive hours spent watching movies, is set five days later on October 7. The bleary-eyed winner will take home a $10,000 cash prize, a lifetime subscription to Netflix and the first-ever Popcorn Bowl trophy.

Contestants will be expected to watch a continuous run of movies in an effort to eclipse the existing world record of 120 hours and 23 minutes held by Ashish Sharma of Mathura, India. Sharma will be on hand to defend his title.

The event begins October 2 at 10:30 a.m. with competitors assuming their positions in the Netflix Movie Watching Arena, a plexi-glass living room in the center of Times Square.

“The Netflix Movie Watching World Championship is a showcase for die-hard movie buffs who possess incredible focus and discipline,” said Leslie Kilgore, chief marketing officer for Netflix. “It combines the love of movies with the thrill of competition at the crossroads of the world.”

Raub managed to earn a spot in the competition after Netflix opened it up to amateurs who posted entertaining audition videos at Facebook.  Raub’s entry can be seen here.  He’ll be posting his experiences once the competition ends and he gets some sleep.


Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead, by Martha Thomases

Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead, by Martha Thomases

It is hard for me to write about politics without frothing at the mouth. A lot of commentators are entertained by the horse race – who’s ahead, who’s behind, who’s sprained a limb, who’s coming out of the pack in a surprise advance – but I can’t forget that elections affect jobs, healthcare, education, the environment, and for some people, it’s a life-or-death decision. Many are the times I’ve scared my cat by screaming at the television, either at a commentator’s remarks or at the President who inspired them.
Tuesday night, I scared my kitty again. This time, they were screams of joy. Rudy Giuliani had lost the Florida primary.
There is a myth that Rudy cleaned up New York City, that he was a tough but fair elected executive who made the Big Apple safe for tourists. In truth, he terrorized the city, embarrassed us with his childish antics, and would have had to slink away from office if there hadn’t been a terrorist attack on his city for him to exploit.
Let’s consider one of his claims: he cleaned up Times Square. It is true that there used to be a wide variety of shops in that neighborhood that sold entertainments of a prurient sort. It’s also true that today, there are hardly any. Instead of sleazy shops and movie theaters, there are massive chain stores and franchise restaurants. It looks about as dangerous as a suburban mall – and about as interesting.
You may wonder why that’s so bad. Aren’t there a lot more people coming to New York to shop in Times Square now? Doesn’t that create a lot more jobs?


Young X-Men – fact or rumor?

Young X-Men – fact or rumor?

As the Big Ball looms over Times Square for next week’s plunge, ComicMix Radio begins our series of "What Were Your Favorite Comics Of 2007?"  with today’s rundown from DC and Marvel writer Paul Storrie.


• Young X-Men – fact or rumor?

• The NY Comic Con begins building their guest list

• Dean Koontz Frankenstein lumbers into comics

And what did you enjoy reading in 2007? Right after you Press The Button, post a comment or write us direct here (podcast@comicmix.com) and we’ll share it with the world for you!

Broadway gets its click-click on

Broadway gets its click-click on

In a neighborhood largely berift of new ideas or courage, those creepy. kookie, mysterious and spooky folks from The Addams Family are going to set up house on Times Square, courtesy of  Chicago-based production company Elephant Eye Theatrical.

The Addams Family will be coming to Broadway – in a musical of course, courtesy of writers Marshall Brickman (Sleeper, Annie Hall, The Muppet Show) and Rick Elice (Jersey Boys) and songster Andrew Lippa. The show is expected to open on Times Square in 2009 after debuting in Chicago.

Artwork copyright The Charles and Tee Addams Foundation. All Rights Reserved. Hat tip: Lisa Sullivan, who pointed us to Variety.

Spider-Man Week in New York City

Spider-Man Week in New York City

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It’s here at last! Some people love Christmas in New York, some live for the July 4th fireworks, some like the Thanksgiving Day Parade, some people even love to freeze their butts off in Times Square on New Year’s Eve – but nothing in the world compares to Spider-Man Week! Nothing in the whole wide wo–

–thank God, I was able to rip that brain-sucking parasite off my body.

Anyway, here’s the list of events. Some fun stuff, including activities at the Bronx Zoo, the American Museum of Moving Images is showing episodes of the 60’s animated series, Peter David is signing copies of the novelization Thursday at Midtown Comics, all leading up to Free Comic Book Day– oh, and the US premiere of Spider-Man 3 in Peter Parker’s home borough, Queens. We’ll be covering some of the more interesting activities here.