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Tales of the Rook


Pro Se Press and Reese Unlimited are proud to announce TALES OF THE ROOK, a special anthology project that will bring together many of New Pulp’s finest! The Rook has become one of New Pulp’s most popular characters and has starred in six volumes so far, with more on the way. Tales of the Rook will allow other writers to tackle the character and his world, many of whom will be doing so for the very first time. Confirmed for the book are:

* Mike Bullock
* Perry Constantine
* Michael Edwards
* Ron Fortier
* Tommy Hancock
* Bobby Nash

In addition, Rook creator Barry Reese will also be contributing a brand new tale!

All stories will be set in the official Rook canon and several stories will feature cameo appearances by other New Pulp heroes.

“I’m both amazed and honored to have creators of this caliber doing stories featuring The Rook. I can easily predict that a wonderful time will be had by all who read this book,” Reese said.

TALES OF THE ROOK is expected to take flight in 2012.

New Pulp’s Table Talk – Which Side of The Control Fence Are You On?

Table Talk Returns at New Pulp! Table Talk is a weekly column where three authors heavily steeped in New Pulp discuss all sorts of random topics (not always) relating to New Pulp. This week Bobby Nash, Mike Bullock, and Barry Reese discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing versus working with traditional publishers and then dig into the two sides of the work-for-hire/creator-owned treasure trove.

New Pulp’s Table Talk – Which Side of The Control Fence Are You On? is now available at http://www.newpulpfiction.com/ or click the title above for a direct link.

Join the conversation. Leave us a blog comment at http://www.newpulpfiction.com/2011/10/table-talk-which-side-of-control-fence.html and let us know your thoughts on this topic.


Press Release
Pro Se Productions
Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief
Pro Se Press, a leader in New Pulp fiction, is extremely proud to announce the first of many releases penned by Veteran Pulp Author Barry Reese and starring Reese’s best known creation, THE ROOK!  THE ROOK: VOLUME SIX by Reese is now available from Pro Se Press!
Already established as one of the best known heroes of The New Pulp Movement, The Rook takes on his greatest adventures in VOLUME SIX.  Reese ups the ante significantly for Max Davies, millionaire and vision driven vigilante, by setting The Rook against Sun Koh, Prince of Atlantis in the lead story, THE SCORCHED GOD!  A character from German pulps of the 1930s, Sun Koh is essentially the Germanic Doc Savage and comes up against The Rook in order to take his supposed rightful place as ruler of the world.  Assisted by a variety of interesting villains, most notably The Furies, three women, each one representing an Axis nation.  What chance does any mere mortal man have against a near Godlike being and his bevy of deadly beauties?  Fortunately, there is nothing ‘mere’ about The Rook in ‘THE SCORCHED GOD!’
The Rook continues to deliver two fisted justice in two other tales included in VOLUME SIX!  Taking a trip to the Old West like no one ever has, The Rook hopes to help lost souls clear up ‘SINS OF THE PAST’!  And The Rook appears for the first time ever in a story with Reese’s latest and greatest New Pulp hero!  Lazarus Gray, of Pro Se’s SOVEREIGN CITY PROJECT, stands side by side with The Rook as they take on evil and injustice in ‘DARKNESS, SPREADING ITS WINGS OF BLACK’! 
This volume also includes an introduction by Pro Se Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, an interview with the author, and a timeline for The Rook and the various and sundry tales told within that universe!
“Clearly, Pro Se is more than proud and pleased to be able to put out THE ROOK: VOLUME SIX,” stated Tommy Hancock, EIC of Pro Se Press.  “Barry has clearly set a standard for what a New Pulp Author and a New Pulp hero should be!  And this volume is not just chocked full with adventure, but the extras give it a more rounded feel as well.  Also, this represents another step toward Pro Se’s own house style of formatting, developed and designed by our own Sean Ali.”
AVAILABLE NOW-THE ROOK: VOLUME SIX by Barry Reese from Pro Se Press!
No shelf of New Pulp Fiction will be complete without this volume!
Pro Se Productions-Putting the Monthly Back into New Pulp!
ISBN-13: 978-1463548995  
ISBN-10: 1463548990
Release date: 06/09/11
Retail Price: $12.00
On-Line Store – https://www.createspace.com/3623250
Available NOW at http://www.amazon.com/


TIPPIN’ HANCOCK’S HAT-Reviews of All Things Pulp by Tommy Hancock
by Barry Reese
Published by Wild Cat Books

If you know New Pulp, then you probably know the work of author Barry Reese.  Even more likely you know the character Reese is best known for creating, THE ROOK, formerly with Wild Cat Books, coming soon from Pro Se Press.  Barry has made quite a name for himself by producing ROOK story after ROOK story, most of them collected in six total volumes with plans for three full novels to come over the next year or two. What you may not know about, though, is a little Reese gem that slides under most radars.  And not only is The Rook central to the story, but Reese with all his New Pulp skill and style reaches into the land of Classic Pulp and the Public Domain and adds a liberal dose of The Black Bat, Ascott Keane, and Doctor Satan into one bleeding helluva story that may be one of my favorite ROOK adventures.

THE BLEEDING HELLS focuses on The Knife of Elohim, a blade that is a major part of The Rook’s arsenal.  This blade, once bathed in the blood of Christ, is blessed with supernatural energy.  Within this story, it turns out there were four such blades and two criminals have decided to collect all four and open up a portal into The Bleeding Hells, essentially the worst version of Lucifer’s headquarters one could imagine.  It turns out that not only does The Rook have one of these knives, but The Black Bat has one and the infamous Dr. Satan has the other two.   The criminals of course end up getting hands on all four and our heroes…and yes, one incredibly evil villain…have to pool resources, set aside differences, and hope they can save the world, even if they already be too late.

THE BLEEDING HELLS is Reese’s ROOK  at its best.  The characterization of Max Davies shows not only an avenger of justice, but a man troubled enough by his own past to fight like heck to insure the safety of the future.  Reese goes to a whole other level, however, within this tale than just putting his best Rook forward.  Once again, Barry shows an excellent grasp of what’s come before and gives fantastic portrayals of THE BLACK BAT, ASCOTT KEANE, and a thoroughly chilling and enjoyable DOCTOR SATAN.  Other strengths shine through as well, including the pacing being dead on.  Barry builds the tension of the story well, even as he thrusts you immediately into the action.  Dialogue pops all the way through, from the smarminess of Satan to the back and forth charming dialogue between the various heroes’ sidekicks.  In all ways Reese, this is one of the best efforts I’ve yet to see and definitely makes me want to see this collection of heroes and villains once again…and even twice.

The only drawback to this volume and unfortunately it’s a significant one, is the editing.  It’s not that there’s a mistake on every page, but the misspelling and absence of words is enough that it proved distracting from the beginning to the end.  I thoroughly enjoyed THE BLEEDING HELLS, but I have also built up a tolerance to editing errors to a small degree.  Even with that, though, the editing or lack of it made THE BLEEDING HELLS a little more difficult to read than I would have liked.

FOUR OUT OF FIVE TIPS OF THE HAT-The editing is an issue for me, but to be honest, the story is just awesome enough to overcome it.



Pro Se Press is proud to present a trailer spotlighting veteran New Pulp Author Barry Reese’s latest work, THE ROOK: VOLUME SIX!  Coming this month, thrill to The Rook’s confrontation with Sun Koh, a trip to a town all out of time, and the first ever meeting between The Rook and Sovereign City’s own Lazarus Gray!  Plus an interview with Reese and a Rook Timeline!  Watch the trailer, make plans to buy the book! 


1.  AP: Barry, thanks for taking time out of your day for a sitdown with ALL PULP.   Some very interesting news broke today that concerns you.  Do you mind recapping it for our readers?
BR: Well, for the next two years at least, The Rook has a new home: Pro Se Productions. The previous five volumes of the series will remain in print from Wild Cat Books but volumes six and up will appear under the Pro Se banner. There are lots of exciting plans in the works, including anthologies, spinoff projects, comic books and merchandising regarding The Rook and it will appear from Pro Se.

AP:  There’s an obvious question, so let’s just ask it.  Why the change? 

BR: Certainly no ill feelings are directed towards Wild Cat. Ron Hanna has long believed in me and in the property – without him agreeing to publish it in the first place, The Rook wouldn’t be as successful as it’s become. But I think the time was right for The Rook to move into other media and expand as a property. Over the next couple of years, I want to work hard on establishing The Rook as a pulp adventure brand.

AP: For those who might be unfamiliar with the property, can you tell us a bit about THE ROOK?

BR: The Rook is an adventurer whose career begins in the late 1920s and expands out into the Thirties, Forties and beyond.  His real name is Max Davies and he, along with a small cadre of assistants, fights the good fight in Atlanta, Georgia. The Rook series takes established pulp fiction stereotypes and both embraces and challenges them. It’s meant to appeal both to the fans of the classics and to those who prefer a little postmodernism with their pulp.

AP: Now, Max does not come alone.  You’ve created a pretty expansive universe.  Who else is making the leap to Pro Se with The Rook?

BR: Well, there are a number of characters who have debuted in The Rook series that are worth expanding upon: The Claws of the Rook are a strike force of heroes who sometimes assist The Rook; there’s Leonid Kaslov, known as The Russian Doc Savage to his fans; and Violet Cambridge, the star of The Damned Thing, to name just a few.

AP: The Rook has blazed some pretty amazing adventures in five volumes and various stories.   As his creator, what do you have in mind for the future of Max and Company story wise? Any hints or rumors?

BR: Well, The Rook Volume Six will pit our hero against Sun Koh, the German equivalent of Doc Savage. We’ll also see The Rook teaming up with Lazarus Gray, who is a character I’ve been writing for Pro Se already.

Beyond that, a major pulp author is signed on to do three Rook novels! This trilogy will take The Rook into some strange new directions that people will enjoy a lot. I’m excited about seeing this author’s take on the universe.
And there’s talk of an anthology that would allow many other writers to play in the universe.
AP: What sort of plans have been discussed about The Rook’s future product and placement wise?  More books, obviously, but what else is being bandied about? 
BR: Well, comic books are an obvious growth area but there are also plans for posters, t-shirts and all sorts of merchandising. We’re looking to expand The Rook into various forms of multimedia.
AP: You’ve teased a bit about someone else writing The Rook in future volumes and the Pro Se release today mentioned a possible non Reese written Rook anthology.  Is this something Pro Se as licensor is pushing or are you comfortable with others playing in the sandbox you’ve filled?
BR: I’m very comfortable with it – in fact, I think it’s an essential part of establishing it as a brand name. There’s only so many hours in the day and I’m busy with numerous other projects but I want The Rook to continue to flourish, both under my direct supervision and as written by others.
AP: We’ve talked about plans, now let’s look at potential.  Obviously being the Rook’s ‘father’, so to speak, you’re biased, but what potential do you think this concept as a whole has?  And do you feel like Pro Se has intentions to realize as much of that potential as possible?

BR: I think Pro Se recognizes the potential as I do and they’re ready to pursue it. I think The Rook has the potential to appeal to multiple audiences. I’d love to see Rook toys, cartoons, etc. And there are numerous characters within The Rook Universe who could be the focus of their own spinoff projects. The sky’s the limit.

AP: How about merchandise?  Are Rook salt and pepper shakers in the near future?  What are your thoughts on turning The Rook into toys, t-shirts, dinnerware, whatever may be the merchandise de jour?
BR: I’d love to see those things! And Underoos, of course.

AP: There’s definitely Rook in your future, both as writer and keeper of the concept.  But what else do you have brewing for pulp fans everywhere?

BR: I’m working on a Lazarus Gray novel right now and will be contributing to Moonstone’s Johnny Dollar anthology. I also have Avenger and Green Hornet stories on the way from Moonstone.  So, I’m certainly keeping busy!

AP: Thanks Barry and congratulations and best wishes on this new endeavor!

BR: Thank You!