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Heroes of Mars is now available from Pulp Empire!


Pulp Empire’s newest anthology is now available in print and ebook editions!
Heroes of Mars tells five new stories set on the savage world of Mars! Great new tales by Geoff Gander, Evan Dicken, Mark Brandon Allen, Travis Hiltz and J.M. Stewart, plus an essay by Teel James Glenn!
E-book editions are also available from Amazon (for Kindle), Smashwords andBarnes & Noble (for Nook) at only $2.99!
An Amazon print edition will be available later in the week! Stay tuned to the site for details!


Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Coordinator, announced the end of nominations and the release of the ballot for the second Pulp Ark Awards to be given out at Pulp Ark 2012 in Batesville, AR, April 20-22, 2012.

“We had a fantastic turn out in terms of nominations again this year,” Hancock stated.  “More than 25 publishers represented across the board, this is a ballot that truly reflects not only the popularity that Pulp has today, but also the variety and creativity within the field.”

Listed below is the Ballot qualified voters received today.  Only those who nominated a work or individual in one of the categories are qualified to vote.  Voting will end on February 20, 2012 with winners announced soon after.

If you did nominate someone and did not receive a ballot, please email Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net and this will be corrected.

There will also be a Pulp Ark 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award given. This will be selected by a committee already chosen and results will be announced on or before February 21, 2012.

Best Novel Nominees

Yesteryear by Tommy Hancock-Pro Se Productions

Deadly Games by Bobby Nash-BEN Books

The Damned Thing by Barry Reese-Wildcat Books

Wake of the Red Mistress by Teel James Glenn-Eternal Press

Sentinels: Stellarax by Van Allen Plexico-White Rocket Books

Damballa by Charles Saunders-Airship 27 Productions

Hammered by Kevin Hearne-Random House

Viktoriana by Wayne Reinagel-Knightraven Studios

Misty Johnson, Supernatural Dick in Capitol Hell by R. P. Steeves-Seven Realms Publishing

Truly Deeply Disturbed by Andrew Nienaber-Postmortem Press

The Halloween Legion by Martin Powell-Wildcat Books

Dark Destiny by Jeff Melton-Jeff Melton

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage-Desert Demons by Will Murray-Altus Press

Fortune’s Pawn by Nancy A. Hansen-Pro Se Productions

Challenger Storm: Isle of Blood by Don Gates-Airship 27 Productions

The Myth Hunter by Percival Constantine-Pulpwork Press (?)

Knight Moves by John G. Hartness-Falstaff Books

Arron of the Black Forest: The Haunting of Dragon’s Cliff by Phil Athans and Mel Odom-Arron of the Black Forest Partnership

Best Collection/Anthology Nominees

The Adventures of Fortune McCall by Derrick Ferguson-Pro Se Productions

Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volume 3 by Various-Airship 27 Productions

Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars by Various- White Rocket Books

Hugh Monn, Private Detective by Lee Houston, Jr- Pro Se Productions

Shadows of New York by Teel James Glenn- BooksforaBuck.com

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray by Barry Reese-Pro Se Productions

How the West was Weird II by Various-Pulpwork Press

The Game by Various -Seven Realms Publishing

The Beer Chronicles: Tales from the Paddy Rodriguez Pub by Scott Lange-Postmortem Press

The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files by Various-Moonstone

The Rook Volume Six by Barry Reese-Pro Se Productions

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 3 by various-Airship 27 Productions

Mystery Men and Women Volume 2 by Various-Airship 27 Productions

Four Bullets for Dillon by Derrick Ferguson-Pulpwork Press

Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts by Various-Kerlak Publishing

Best Short Story Nominees

 “Sting of the Yellowjacket” By Howard Hopkins from the Green Hornet Casefiles-Moonstone

Red Badge Attacks by Mark S. Halegua and Andrew Salmon from Mystery Men and Women Vol II-Airship 27 Productions

Sherringford Bell: The Scandal of the Bohemian by Ken Janssens from Pro Se Presents #1-Pro Se Productions

A Bargain with Bandit Ping by Teel James Glenn from Tales of Old Magazine-Tales of Old

The Adventure of the Towne Manor Haunting by Andrew Salmon in Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Volume 3-Airship 27 Productions
Gunmen of the Hollow Earth by Joel Jenkins from How the West Was Weird: Campfire Tales-Pulpwork Press

Vengeance is Mine by Ron Fortier from the Avenger: The Justice Inc Files-Moonstone

Storms of Blood and Snow by Derrick Ferguson from How the West was Weird Volume II – Pulpwork Press

Misty Johnson and the Monsters of the Caribbean by R. P. Steeves from The Game- Seven Realms Publishing

Sewer Rats-C. Bryan Brown from Dark Doorways: Best of Post Mortem Press-Post Mortem Press

Death with a Glint of Bronze by Sean Taylor from Dreams of Steam II:Nuts and Bolts-Kerlak Publishing

Bastion of the Black Sorcerer by Van Allen Plexico from Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars-White Rocket Books

Summer of Death by Barry Reese from The Green Hornet Casefiles-Moonstone

Clockworks by William Preston from Asimov’s-Asimov’s

The Devil’s Workmen by Barry Reese from The Avenger: The Justice, Inc. Files-Moonstone

Shortages-Lee Houston Jr. from Hugh Monn, Private Detective-Pro Se Productions

Dock Doyle by Adam Garcia from Mystery Men and Women volume 2-Airship 27 Productions

The Hunter Island Adventure by Wayne Reinagel from Pro Se Presents #3-Pro Se Productions

Felony Fists by Paul Bishop-Fight Card

Romney Marsh, The Scarecrow of Space by Phil Bledsoe-Phil Bledsoe

Dillon and the Bad Ass Belt Buckle by Derrick Ferguson from Four Bullets for Dillon-Pulpwork Press

The Real Magic by H. David Blalock from Dreams of Steam II-Kerlak Publishing

Beast of the Black Hills by Tony Wilson from How The West was Weird II-Pulpwork Press

Best Cover Nominees

Challenger Storm: The Isle of Blood by Wm. Michael Kaluta – Airship 27 Productions

 The Adventures of Lazarus Gray by Anthony Castrillo-Pro Se Productions

Hugh Monn, Private Detective by David Russell-Pro Se Productions

Pro Se Presents #3, ‘The Hunter Island Adventure’ by Wayne Reinagel-Pro Se Productions

How The West Was Weird II by Jim Rugg-Pulpwork Press

Mars McCoy, Space Ranger by Chad Hardin-Airship 27 Productions

Strange Gods of the Dire Planet by MD Jackson-Pulpwork Press

These Trespasses by Philip R. Rogers-Post Mortem Press

The Halloween Legion by Danny Kelly-Wildcat Books

Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars by James Burns-White Rocket Books

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage: Desert Demons by Joe DeVito-Altus Press

The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files by E.M. Gist-Moonstone

Creeping Dawn: Rise of the Black Centipede by David Russell-Pro Se Productions

Mystery Men and Women Volume 2 by Mike Fyles-Airship 27 Productions

The Damned Thing by Jason Levesque-Wildcat Books

Arron of the Black Forest: The Haunting of Dragon’s Cliff- by Keith Birdsong-Arron of the Black Forest Partnership

Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts by Darrell Osborn-Kerlak Publishing

Best Interior Art Nominees

Blackthorn:  Thunder on Mars-Chris Kohler-White Rocket Books

The Rook Volume Six –Anthony Castrillo-Pro Se Productions

Yesteryear-Pete Cooper-Pro Se Productions

Robin Hood: Arrow of Justice-Rob Davis

Challenger Storm: Isle of Blood-Wm. Kaluta-Airship 27 Productions

The Damned Thing-Kevin Duncan-Wildcat Books

Lance Star Sky Ranger, Volume 3-Shannon Hall-Airship 27 Productions

Sentinels: Stellarax-Chris Kohler-White Rocket Books

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray-George Sellas-Pro Se Productions

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Volume 3-Rob Davis-Airship 27 Productions

Creeping Dawn: The Rise of the Black Centipede-Pete Cooper-Pro Se Productions

Green Lama: Case of the Final Column-Mike Fyles-Altus Press

The Hunter Island Adventure-Wayne Reinagel-Pro Se Productions

The Silver Pentacle-Peter Cooper-Pro Se Productions

Best Pulp Related Comic Nominees

Green Hornet Year One-Dynamite

Domino Lady Vs. The Mummy-Moonstone

All-Star Pulp Comics #1-Airship 27 Productions

Warlord of Mars-Dynamite Comics

Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science-Red 5 Comics

Beware…The Frog Men from Neptune!-215Ink Comics

Mystery Men-Marvel Comics

The Lone Ranger-Dynamite Comics

The Spirit-DC Comics

Vic Boone-215Ink Comics

Kolchak The Night Stalker-Moonstone

Best Pulp Magazine Nominees

Startling Stories- Wildcat Books

Pro Se Presents-Pro Se Productions

Dark Worlds –Rage Machine Press

Best Pulp Revival Nominees

Green Hornet Year One-Dynamite Comics

More Tales of Zorro-Moonstone

Return of the Monsters-Moonstone

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage: Desert Demons-Altus Press

 Jim Anthony-Mark of Terror -Airship 27 Productions

The Return of The Originals-Moonstone

Best New Character Nominees

Dr. Dusk created by Mike Bullock

John Blackthorn created by Van Plexico

Hairy Khetar created by Teel James Glenn

Nicholas Saint created by Tommy Hancock

Damballa created by Charles Saunders

Dock Doyle created by Adam Garcia

Misty Johnson created by R. P. Steeves

Doc Thunder created by Thomas Deja

Vic Boone created by Shawn Aldridge

Jeremiah Courage created by Jeff Melton

Violet Cambridge created by Barry Reese

Challenger Storm created by Don Gates

Red Badge created by Mark Halegua

The Black Centipede created by Chuck Miller

Elisa Hill, The Myth Hunter created by Percival Constantine

The Impostor created by Richard Lee Byers

Bubba the Monster Hunter created by John G. Hartness

Arron of the Black Forest crated by Phil Athans and Mel Odom

Best Author Nominees

Tommy Hancock

Howard Hopkins

I.A. Watson

Nancy Hansen

Teel James Glenn

Kevin Hearne

Joshua Reynolds

Derrick Ferguson

Martin Powell

Van Plexico

Ed Brubaker

Barry Reese

William Preston

Adam Garcia

Wayne Reinagel

Richard Lee Byers

John G. Hartness

Allan Gilbreath

Paul Bishop

Percival Constantine

Best New Writer Nominees

Danny Wall

Mark S. Halegua

MD Perkins

Don Gates

R.P. Steeves

Sean Taylor

Shannon Hall

Jeff Melton

Chuck Miller


Tippin’ Hancock’s Hat- Reviews of All Things Pulp by Tommy Hancock
DEADLINE ZOMBIES-The Adventures of Maxi and Moxie
by Teel James Glenn
Published by BooksforaBuck.com

A good Pulp story must contain several things.  First, it has to have engaging, likable characters, doesn’t matter if they’re white hats or black, they just have to be characters that grab the reader and don’t let go.  It also has to have a pacing that is both relentless and encouraging at the same time, breakneck quick but rousing and rushing enoug to make you want to hang on for the ride.  It doesn’t hurt for there to be fantastic plot elements, twists and turns that keep the reader interested and guessing.  Also, a decent pinch of weirdness along with snappy, witty dialogue also add quite bit of Pulp to tale.  Yeah, a Pulp rock ’em sock ’em tale of derring do must include those things.  

Good thing that Teel James Glenn knows what makes a good Pulp stor.

‘DEADLINE ZOMBIES’ is a collection of New Pulp stories by Glenn that center on the adventures of newspaperman Moxie Dononvan and his actress girlfriend, later wife, Maxi.  The title is slightly misleading due to the fact that although zombies do make an appearance within the book, all five stories do not relate to the undead.  Oh, no, Glenn sprinkles all sorts of oddity throughout the book, including living puppets, little people of the Irish variety, mad alchemists, beastly beings, and even fantastic starring appearances by historical figures, most notably an excellent portrayal of Bela Lugosi.   Themes of all sorts abound throughout the stories as well, including magic versus modernity and transformations and metamorphosis

The latter point is clear not only in what happens to characters in the stories, but in the central pair of heroes as well.  Moxie is a beat reporter and Maxi a B actress as the first story opens, but by the end of the book both of them have gone through job changes and personal development as well, primarily by marrying one another.   These two characters are definitely cut from the Nick and Nora Charles cloth and they have the witty, sometimes caustic banter back and forth to prove it.  Glenn not only paints vivid characters well, but he captures the nuances of nostalgia within his characters just enough to remind you of someone else you once read about.

Another strong point of the collection is the canvas which Glenn creates.  As fully formed as his characters are, his settings and details of action within the stories is ten times as strong.   Many times I lost myself while reading, feeling as I could be standing on Governor’s Island or that I could hear Moxie’s wooden leg (This is a great concept handled well by Glenn!) clomping just behind me.  The entire collection of stories open up like a wide door and welcome the reader in, refusing to let same reader out until the ride is over.

The only putting off point about this entire collection had to do with some editing issues.  There were a couple of instances where I was jarred enough that I was shaken out of the flow of the story, but it was not difficult at all to get back into it.   Overall, DEADLINE ZOMBIES is an excellent set of stories written with the sensibility of classic Pulp and Noir while balancing well the layers of description and characterization that constitute what many New Pulp writers are doing today.

FOUR OUT OF FIVE TIPS OF THE HAT-I’ll go to the newsstands again and again for more Moxie and Maxi. Guaranteed.  Copyboy!