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All-Ages Studios Opens Pulp Fiction Division for Creation of New Pulp Fiction Tales
AUSTIN, TX  – Runemaster Studios, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion into the world of New Pulp Fiction with the new Runemaster Pulp imprint.

With the Studios’ growing body of non all-ages works, including a long run on PHANTOM by writer Mike Bullock, letterer/writer/graphic designer Josh Aitken and colorist Bob Pedroza, as well as current runs on original pulp hero BLACK BAT by Bullock and Michael Metcalf and New Pulp creation DEATH ANGEL by Bullock and Metcalf, the timing seemed right to open the new arm of the content creation studio.

We realize a lot of people have come to know Runemaster Studios as the place where LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS and TIMOTHY AND THE TRANSGALACTIC TOWEL came to life and we don’t want to mess with that image,” said head Runemaster, Mike Bullock. “So, we thought it best to open a new division dedicated to the creation of New Pulp comics and prose.”

With the launch of Runemaster Pulp, the studio has entered into two new publishing partnerships to enhance the already existing relationships with Moonstone Books, who continues to release new tales of DEATH ANGEL, BLACK BAT, CAPTAIN FUTURE and GLADIATOR under the creative guidance of the Runemasters.

Beginning in 2012, Airship 27 will bring THE RUNEMASTER, a Viking inspired sword and sorcery epic to life in the pages of a full-length novel series authored by Bullock. Forged in the fires of CONAN, BEOWULF and BRAVEHEART, steeped in Norse legendry and baptized in the blood of those who would oppose him comes THE RUNEMASTER.

“Action thriller writer, Mike Bullock has whipped up a rousing fantasy adventure in the grand tradition of Robert E. Howard,” declared Airship 27 EiC Ron Fortier. “It sweeps across the frozen wastes with a new hero sure to capture the imagination of fans everywhere.”

Next up Pro Se Productions will usher in TOTEM, a New Pulp hero with an ancient past and supernatural burdens. Written by Bullock with cover art by Manny Trembley, TOTEM is a New Pulp hero for a New Pulp age. Two Men, Grandfather and Grandson forever linked by a supernatural totem of power that unites them in one body as the Guardian against the Forces of Darkness. TOTEM will join THE ROOK, YESTERYEAR and other original New Pulp tales at Pro Se.

“With TOTEM, Mike Bullock brings his excellent writing ability as well as a concept full of action and adventure to the New Pulp movement and raises the bar for the rest of us. A very good thing indeed,” states Pro Se Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock.

Readers are urged to check out www.pulp.runemasterstudios.com for frequent updates.

Discover the worlds of New Pulp Fiction at www.newpulpfiction.com
More information regarding Death Angel, The Runemaster, Totem, Union, Mike Bullock, Michael Metcalf, Josh Aitken and Bob Pedroza, Runemaster Pulp, its members, services, properties and other projects can be found at www.pulp.runemasterstudios.com.
More information on Moonstone Books, Black Bat, Captain Future and Gladiator and the rest of the Return of the Originals pulp line can be found at www.moonstonebooks.com
More information on Airship 27, The Runemaster, Ron Fortier and the rest of its properties and other projects can be found at www.airship27.com
More information on Pro Se Productions, Totem, The Rook, Yesteryear and the rest of its properties and other projects can be found at www.proseproductions.com


Friday, May 13th, 5-6:00 PM

From Left-Barry Reese, Ron Fortier, Derrick Ferguson, Tommy Hancock, Bobby Nash

The first panel of the first ever Pulp Ark was hosted and manned by six of the seven men behind the first full blown news site dedicated to Pulp.  Six of the Spectacled Seven (You were missed, Sarge Portera!) made up this panel and shared news from various New Pulp publishers, a lot of which they were involved in in some way or another…..Taking one at a time, we’ll start with…

Art Sippo watching (from left) Derrick Ferguson, Tommy Hancock, Bobby Nash, Van Plexico

Barry Reese-

Barry Reese (on right) with Ron Fortier

 Has stories in The Green Hornet Casefiles and The Avenger Justice Inc. Files from Moonstone.

Rook Volume Six is coming out in late May- Early June, 2011 from Pro Se Productions

The Family Grace Collection, focusing on the adventuring family that is the backbone of the Rook Universe, is coming out later this year from Pro Se Productions.

Lazarus Gray vol. 1, a collection of Reese’s Sovereign City Project stories, will be out in September, 2011 and his first full length Lazarus Gray novel, DIE GLOCKE, is in progress.

Bobby Nash-

Bobby Nash (on right) with Wayne Reinagel

Bobby has a few anthologies and comic books coming out featuring stories in the next several months. Theose include The Green Hornet Casefiles (Moonstone), Tales From The Zero Hour Vol. 4: Weird Tales (Blinding Force Productions), Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 3 (Airship 27), Secret Agent X Vol. 4 (Airship 27), The Danger People (New Babel Books), Aym Geronimo and the Post Modern Pioneers: Tall Tales, The Ruby Files (Airship 27), Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Moonstone), The Wraith (Airship 27), The Avenger (Moonstone), Domino Lady Vs. The Mummy (Moonstone), untitled Abyss Walker Universe anthology, Frontier (BEN Books), and more.
Van Plexico-

Van Plexico (on right) with Bobby Nash

  Van’s new Sentinels novel, STELLARAX, from White Rocket Books, will be in stores by mid-June.  It is the seventh volume in the series overall, and completes the big, cosmic “Rivals” trilogy.

A story (“Thunder Over China”) in LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER, Vol. 3, coming soon from Airship 27.

Van is involved in Bobby Nash’s and Sean Taylor’s upcoming SF action anthology.

Van’s 45,000-word novella is featured in the second MARS McCOY: SPACE RANGER anthology from Airship 27, coming possibly later this year.
Van created and is editing an SF action-adventure anthology for White Rocket Books:  BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS.  It’s a sort of John Carter – meets – Thundarr deal.  Look for that one toward the end of the year.
Derrick Ferguson-

Derrick Ferguson (on right) with Art Sippo

A Fortune McCall collection, part of the Sovereign City Project, later this year (October) from Pro Se Productions
A special project with Joshua Reynolds forAirship 27 Productions.
A collection of Dillon stories later this year from Pulpwork Press.
Ron Fortier-
Ron Fortier (on left) with Barry Reese
World famous graphic artist, Michael Kaluta has signed on to provide both cover art and interior illustrations for Airship 27 Productions forthcoming title, CHALLENGER STORM, Isle of Blood; the first in a new pulp series by writer Don Gates.
Kaluta’s comics work began in the 1970s working on such titles as “House of Secrets” and “Web of Horror.”  It was during this time he created fortune teller Madam Xanadu for Editor Joe Orlando.  His work on DC’s Shadow comics is considered the best graphic portrayal of that classic pulp hero ever produced.  He also illustrated Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Carson of Venus for that same company.  From 1975 to 1979, he was a member of “The Studio” along with Barry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson and Jeff Jones.  He’s an award winning painter and illustrator who had contributed to role playing games and illustrated numerous music album covers.  In 2003 he was named a Spectrum Grand Master in recognition of his vast and influential body of work.
“We, at Airship 27 Productions are extremely thrilled and honored to be working with a true living legend of American art,” said Ron Fortier, Managing Editor.  Airship 27 Productions is one of the leading producers of new pulp fiction novels and anthologies, their titles being published by Cornerstone Book Publishers of New Orleans. 
Challenger Storm is a rollicking, old fashion pulp adventure in the grand tradition of Doc Savage and Captain Hazzard and is Gates’ first book in a planned series.  “We hope to have the book out by the end of the year,” Fortier went on to add.  “Mr. Kaluta is always much in demand and we are not about to rush such beautiful artwork.”  Kaluta’s latest foray into pulp prose will soon be seen on the cover of Moonstone’s Green Hornet Casefiles due out in few weeks.
Airship 27 Table at PULP ARK!
Airship 27 Productions is pleased to announce that well known Phantom comic writer, Mike Bullock, has agreed to write a new sword & sorcery novel for the company titled THE RUNEMASTER.
Bullock is an award winning fiction writer, poet and former professional musician. Born in WashingtonDC, Bullock grew up reading comic books, comic strips and pulp fiction. He’s translated this love of fast-paced imaginative story-telling into a successful career as a comic book and prose author. Having worked on enduring characters from Black Bat and Captain Future to Sonic the Hedgehog and Zorro, Bullock cemented his place in the annals of speculative fiction by authoring more Phantom stories than any other American author aside from Lee Falk. His original works include Lions, Tigers and Bears, The Gimoles, Death Angel and more. Bullock’s Lions, Tigers and Bears was optioned by Paramount Pictures in 2010 as a feature film.
The Runemaster marks Bullock’s first foray into novel writing and tells the story of  Skarl Kirwall, a man born during the Last Great War and destined to lead his clan as the next Runemaster. When he is betrayed by a friend, Skarl is banished from his village and later learns of its destruction at the hands of their bitter enemies, the Ysling clan.
While mourning the loss of his family and clan, Skarl discovers the woman he loves has been dragged off to be sacrificed to Ysfang, the World Serpent. Armed with only his mighty sword and cunning, Skarl sets off across the frozen wastes to rescue her and somehow regain his rightful role as the Runemaster. 
Forged in the fires of Conan, Beowulf and Braveheart, steeped in Norse legendry and baptized in the blood of those who would oppose him comes the Runemaster.
Tommy Hancock –
 From Moonstone Entertainment-
Moonstone at PULP ARK!
Moonstone Announces Halloween Pulps

Coming this October from Moonstone Books – Four pulp horror books sure to frighten and delight you.

In ANGELS AND THE UNDEAD writer Mike Bullock and artist  Eric Johns tell a tale of spine-chilling fear as Death Angel and Black Bat team up to face none other than the Lord of Vampires: Dracula in the
haunted halls of the historic Phaidor Hotel.

THE WEREWOLF WAR MASSACRES written by Martin Powell and illustrated by Jay Piscopo asks the question “Has the Master of Men finally met his Monstrous Match?”

From the mind of Aaron Shaps comes the third book, PHANTOM DETECTIVE: THE BLOOD OF FRANKENSTEIN the monster enjoys a new lease on life, illustrated by Kalman Andrasofszky and Jim McKern.

The fourth Halloween horror from Moonstone was announced at PULP ARK by author Bobby Nash.  Bobby recently completed and submitted to Tombstone a script entitled THE PERFECT MATE pitting The Domino Lady against The Mummy!  Art will be handled by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin.

Covers for at least three of these pulp terror tales brought to you by Dan Brereton.

Look for these and more in October, only from Moonstone Books.

Decoder Ring Theater

Tommy Hancock

Tommy is penning a new six episode series for Decoder Ring Theater.  Known for its audio drama podcasts starring fan favorites The Red Panda and Black Jack Justice, DRT, headed up by Gregg Taylor, is the home for great modern pulp audio.  Hancock’s new series, THE WEIRD WEST ADVENTURES OF HUNT AND PECK, is based on characters created by Taylor for a recent episode of DRT’s RED PANDA where The Panda and his sidekick The Flying Squirrel go back in time to the Old West.  Hancock’s six episodes will pick up where THE WILD WEST episode leaves off.
Pro Se Productions

Nancy Hansen and Ken Janssens with Pro Se at PULP ARK

 Pro Se is moving into audio!! Tommy Hancock announced that in partnership with Broken Sea Audio, Pro Se would be releasing audio book versions of some of its product this year, including issues of its three magazine titles, Hancock’s own novel, YESTERYEAR, and Barry Reese’s THE ROOK, VOLUME SIX.

Tommy reviewed upcoming publications from Pro Se Productions, including works by Nancy Hansen, Lee Houston, Jr., Ken Janssens and others.


 Pro Se Productions was also proud to reveal that Mike Bullock, noted author of Moonstone’s THE PHANTOM, writer of comics such as SAVAGE BEAUTY, and an upcoming BLACK BAT Original Graphic Novel as well as his own original work, including LIONS, TIGERS, AND BEARS, will be joining the ranks of Pro Se for his first every prose short story collection!

Bullock brings an original character like none other to Pro Se’s stellar cast of characters.  Bullock’s TOTEM, VOLUME ONE will feature four stories focused on the title character, one rich in both history and tied to the supernatural!  Expect TOTEM VOLUME ONE by Mike Bullock to be out early next year from Pro Se Productions and stay tuned to http://www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com/ for more information on this fantastic creation by one of today’s best New Pulp writers as it becomes available!

Reviews from the 86th Floor: Barry Reese reviews The Phantom: KGB Noir – The Hammer

Written by Mike Bullock
Art by Fernando Peniche
ISBN 978-1933076805

This black-and-white trade collects the six issue limited series and also includes artist sketches and liner notes from the author. As Mike Bullock mentions in his notes, this series was changed midstream in length and I think that contributes to the breakneck pace that this has — it starts with action and never lets up. While this gives it all a movie serial kind of feel, it does make it kind of hard to get into the heads of the villains: they feel very shallow and more character types than people. But the artwork is fetching and the story has a lot of exciting action sequences so it all adds up to a great summer action flick kind of ambiance. It’s fun to see the Phantom in a different setting, too, though I do kind of miss Diana and the kids — but with the pacing of this story, there’s no room for them. One thing that struck me was that there’s no explanation of who or what the Phantom is — it didn’t deter me, since I love the Phantom and realize that most people who would buy this probably do, too. But I do believe in Jim Shooter’s axiom that every issue is somebody’s first and that you should always manage to explain a character’s motivations, etc. in some manner — but, again, with the pacing here, there was little to no time for reflection. Is this the best Phantom story I’ve seen from Mike Bullock? No. But it’s still a great, fun read and comes highly recommended to diehard Phantom fans. If you’re new to the character, I wouldn’t start here since there’s little in the way of “classic” lore but if you’re familiar with the hero and want something a bit different, this could fit the bill.



Moonstone Books and ALL PULP are proud to present a jungle action adventure tale from MOONSTONE CLIFFHANGER FICTION featuring Lee Falk’s THE PHANTOM! This is another slam bam tale by Mike Bullock, longtime writer of THE PHANTOM for Moonstone and current writer of BLACK BAT, SAVAGE BEAUTY, and creator and writer of DEATH ANGEL! This tale can be found in the THE PHANTOM: GENERATIONS trade paperback available from Moonstone at http://www.moonstonebooks.com/

Let ALL PULP know what you think of MOONSTONE CLIFFHANGER FICTION on the Comments Page!!!
Character created by Lee Falk
As I stared downward, ever downward at the smallish puddle of my own life force, pooling on the toe of my boot, I became at once aware of a new battle I must fight. For the very ground itself was seeking to rush upon me. What new deviltry was this? A fight against man or monster was one I could relish, but to fight the very earth itself seemed too much for even one called Phantom.
Succor came by drawing nearer to my opponent, as I descended to one knee and stabbed at the ground with my fathers sword. From here, the clouds cleared briefly from my mind as I heard the voices of those who came before me, in a violent chorus of men among men.
The impact of their words drove my head back upward in a dizzying manner, as if Id been struck with a mighty uppercut intended to clear the cobwebs from my mental passages.
The voices continued to exhort me despite my bodys best efforts to defeat them. Through clenched teeth, I replied, while pushing myself to attention once again.
GET UP! The force of my own voice, echoing into the night, gave me a renewed sense of my current predicament. It was as if I needed to speak in order to reassure myself that I yet lived.
It seemed I was not the lone witness to my outcry, as the monster replied in his own way.
Knowing what fate awaited me, I stared down the blade of my Fathers sword. How many villains had met their fate at the end of this fine weapon? How many lives had this sword seen ended? While killing is not the way of The Phantom, many a man has died in the presence of those who wear the mask. The pirates and brigands who faced my father were no different.
And now, would I still have the strength to end the life of that which stalked me on this night? When the time presented itself, would I still be able to employ this blade to win the day?
As I raised the blade to the air, I knew what must be done. I would wait here, for the beast to approach, then, as so many before me had, I would end this threat to the jungle and those who called it home. For fourteen generations, the peoples of these lands had depended on the Phantom to protect them and exact justice.
These things could not be deferred due to illness, injury or even the mightiest of monsters. No. The beast would die on this very spot. I would make sure of that, even if it meant my life was forfeit.
Young Kit. Will the morrow be the day you finally assume your destiny? Will the boy I remember so fondly become the man Ive trained you to be?
There. In the fog. Deep within the recesses of my mind I see him. A lad of only five summers, armed with bow and arrow, stalking his prey through the undergrowth outside the waterfall. I watch, with eyes only a proud father can possess. He has tracked his quarry for some time and now moves in for the kill. He steps forward, from his cover, and I instinctively reach out to prevent his error, but its too late. His impetuousness has alerted the gazelle, which flees with a speed that Mercury himself would envy.
He turns to me, and with downturned lips, says Father, I failed…”
I reached out for my son, with a soul rending ache to assure him he had done well-
My eyes opened once again, as the night rushed in, washing my memory of young Kit away and replacing it with the dull pain and lightheadedness that were my only companions on that night. Oh, Kit, you must always know that you could never fail me. You are no more capable of such a thing as I was of failing my father. It simply could not be
There comes a time in the life of every man when the realization of just what you face rises up. It was not the beast that opposed me, but my own death. The specter of it haunted every fiber of my being, from the pit of my stomach to the front lines of the battle raging within my mind. It was at that moment when I realized I did not fear death, for no real man does, but what I did fear was the thought of no longer living.
I could not reconcile the idea of never again holding my beloved in my arms, feeling her warm body against mine, soaking in the scent of her beautiful tresses, drinking in the ambrosia of her loveliness.
Nor could I come to terms with never again walking shoulder to shoulder with my son, guiding him on his path through life, passing on to him that which had been passed down to me. Where would I be without these two, whom I loved more than life itself?
Where would I be?
I thought back to a time when I first donned the mask. A time before her sweet embrace, before the pure joy of hearing my boy laugh with unbridled vigor, a time before I really lived.
Some say I was more fearless then, yet I know the truth. It was not fearlessness that guided my hand, but reckless abandon, brought on by a kind of selfishness a man possesses before joining in marriage. A knowing that only I hung in the balance of my life. No others would suffer were I to fail.
These thoughts were rooted in an immaturity. Soil that had not yet been tilled with the wisdom of my lineage. For me, becoming the Phantom was a ticket to adventure, a chance to live the lives I had spent many a childhood night reading about in those old tomes. The sheer weight of my calling had not sunk in. Nor did it do so until the day I first heard my son cry out, fresh from the womb and new to this world.
It was then the beast chose to appear once again. I found the corner of my lip upturned slightly at the sight of his face. I had achieved a reckoning in our first encounter, evidenced by the deep wound he bore upon his countenance.
Apparently, my smile did little to please the monster, as he bellowed out in defiance of my spirit. Once again, my ribcage shook from the sheer power of his voice. Many a lesser man had fallen from courage upon hearing the mighty beast announce his presence. But I was not a lesser man.
As I had done so many times before, I found myself taunting my adversary. Knowing that an opponent who cannot think clearly, cannot fight clearly either.
What are you waiting for, Beast? Afraid youll not be able to stomach a meal such as this?
He stalked to the left, acutely aware of the sword held out to my right. The crook of the tree I stood against would protect my back, but the monster was still able to flank me somewhat, were he fast enough, due to my useless left arm.
This would be a simple victory for me, had I not lost my guns in our first encounter. However, those pistols were all the beast feared, that is until he saw the flash of my steel once again.
I caught him across the chin this time, drawing blood anew, as he had thought to take advantage of my inability to fight from the left.
This time his bellow nearly knocked me from my feet, as the ferocity of his anger slammed into me like a blow all its own. My sudden recoil did more to further the monsters cause, as my head collided violently with the mighty tree, sending white flashes through my vision and causing my knees to buckle.
And there was the moment the monster had been waiting for as he lunged forward, claws extended, teeth barred, unleashing all the primal energy his thousand pound frame possessed.
The sound of thunder brought with it darkness and rest.
Those were the last words of my Father, the Fourteenth Phantom, as he relayed them to me mere hours after his encounter. From his deathbed, he urged me to take up pen and tome, to chronicle his last night on earth.
While many sense impending doom before it strikes, I find that in retrospect, I had no doubt that my father would slay the beast that had slaughtered more than a dozen villagers when the grip of rabies took hold. Never had I thought this aberration of nature would best a man like my father. Despite the rogue lions freakish size and hellish ferocity, the thought had never occurred to me that he would bring the end to the one called Phantom.
It was a testament to Fathers mighty will that he survived the initial attack at all. His wounds would have killed a lesser man, outright, and should have laid him low far sooner than they did. I am convinced that his failure to give up in the face of death is the only reason he still drew breath when I found him.
I had taken it upon myself that night to follow my father, believing that even a man such as he would not stand against the mightiest rogue lion the Deep Woods had ever seen. Had my tracking skills been better honed, I might have arrived in time to prevent his mortal wounding and shoot the beast before he could injure my Father.
However, I must take solace that my aim was true and kill the monster I did, preventing him from doing further harm to the man whom I owed everything.
By recalling his teachings, I was able to stop the blood loss and bring him home, where Nuran tended to his wounds and helped him regain consciousness. Once awake, he bid me do three things.
One, tell my mother he loved her, always and forever.
Two, retrieve the latest chronicle book from the chamber and document his tale exactly as he related it to me.
And, three, always honor the mask I would soon wear with bravery, courage and selflessness.
After retrieving the tome, I promised him I would do as he asked and with his last breaths, he told me of his final moments in the Deep Woods.
And this ends the Chronicles of the Fourteenth Phantom, just as it began.
Very soon, the Bandar will gather outside and begin their chant. At that time, I will cloth myself in the uniform of my calling and once Ive donned the mask, I will step forth into my new life. A life I will lead until death comes for me as well. You see, despite the legends of The Man Who Cannot Die, the Reaper awaits us all. There is little we can do to stave it off, but just as my father did, I will give death such a reckoning that it will know it tangled with a Phantom on that far away day. Only this way, can I truly honor my fathers memory.
But I must attend to matters of today, the chant is calling. Sadly, I shall end this now, and begin my new life. As I do so, I find it only fitting to conclude this tome with the chant reverberating through these hallowed walls right now.
The Phantom is Dead! Long Live the Phantom!
Tune in next week for another great story in MOONSTONE CLIFFHANGER FICTION!