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Mark Ellis Unleashes Sex, Blackmail and Murder

New Pulp author Mark Ellis has released a sneak peek of his new upcoming book called Rag Baby, now available at Amazon.


Bonaparte “Bone” Mizell, formerly of the DEA, has a problem on his hands: Dale Bristline, his 400 lb. client with a beautiful ex-stripper wife needs help dealing with a blackmailer — Brandy’s first husband has returned from the dead and is making outrageous demands…and she mustn’t be told about it.

When drug-dealer turned sex club owner Bristline needs some help dealing with the blackmailer, cash-strapped Bone accepts the case…and he quickly learns that behind the sunshine and laid-back lifestyle is a dangerous jungle, where sex is big business and jealousy can lead to murder. Bone deals with bikers turned bodyguards, scorned strippers and a lovely Latina sheriff, all out to get him – in one way or another.

As a DEA agent, Bone was used to hitting all the wrong places at just the wrong time. Now a cast of bizarre characters and a storm of violence traps him in a mystery that will take all of his resourcefulness to solve – and survive!

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Story/Art: Keith Tucker

Keith Tucker posted an update and sneak peek at his Shell Scott graphic novel in progress at his website.

Tucker writes: My Shell Scott graphic novel continues, I was originally going to do this book with Mark Ellis scripting, but Mark’s busy schedule made it tough for him to get to it. With Mark’s blessing, I jumped ahead to a safe part of the book and began adapting it on my own, Mark has since let me continue on my own, and i greatly appreciate that, lets work on something else later together. So here’s my latest page from chapter 14 of Dead Man’s Walk.

Look for more Shell Scott news at All Pulp as it becomes available.


On his Facebook page, New Pulp Author Mark Ellis posted the cover and a tease about his upcoming project.

From Mark Ellis:

In…a world…(I always wanted to write that)

In a world almost identical to this one, all the characters from Victorian and early 20th century literature existed…there was Nemo, Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, and even the War of The Worlds.

Some of the descendants of these famous–and in many instances, infamous–people carry on the work of their distinguished (and not so much) ancestors.

Two of these descendants are Professor Edward George Challenger and Major Loveday Brooke, operatives of the Diogenes Club, a freelance adjunct of MI6.

In ISLANDS OF DR. MOREAU, they face the terrifying threat of Sirocco Moreau, who has harnessed the secrets of selective mutation to give dominion of the Earth to the Akhakhu, neogods modeled after the ancient Egyptian pantheon of deities–with her as the immortal queen.

This is the first (hopefully) in an action-adventure series featuring the grandson of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor George Edward Challenger…it’s a blend of Doc Savage and James Bond, with a pinch of Torchwood and a sprinkling of The Avengers and The Man From UNCLE.

I’m having a lot of fun working in this universe, so by following Rex Stout’s dictum, everybody should have a lot of fun reading it.

I’ll have more details about the release date soon.


And we’ll share that here on All Pulp when it becomes available.


New Pulp Author Mark Ellis has announced that his latest novel, The Spur: Loki’s Rock is now available at Amazon and other online booksellers.


From Mark (James Axler) Ellis, writer of Doc Savage, author of Cryptozoica and creator of the best-selling Outlanders series comes The Spur: Loki’s Rock.

The colony world in the Orion Spur known as Loki wasn’t so much lost as forgotten. In the 188 years since a worldwide catastrophe destroyed what passed for civilization there, Loki had become a savage wilderness of strange cultures, as well as being the sanctuary for every bizarre cult, mad sect and outlawed scientific discipline in the Sol 9 Commonwealth. Quentin Crockett, a Colonel in the department of Off World Operations leads a team of specialists to Loki to monitor, catalog, and if necessary, eliminate the myriad societies that sprang up in the wake of the global cataclysm.

In their armored ACP Ambler, the team travels Loki, searching for the lost Terran Enclave, while fighting off not only wild beasts, and the wilder natives but also the ruthless schemes of a mastermind about whom they know practically nothing.

In The Spur: Loki’s Rock, Crockett and his team contend with the bizarre native fauna, but also with resurrected Nazi supermen, flocks of flying piranha, and the denizens of the kill-crazy town of Loki’s Rock, led by the psychotic Django Bonner and his bloodthirsty hench-wench, Pagan.

Ellis, the veteran author of 50 books as well as numerous comic properties, including such classics as: Death Hawk, The Justice Machine and Doc Savage: Man of Bronze, spent 15 years writing novels for Gold Eagle, the action-adventure imprint of Harlequin Enterprises. Under the pen name of James Axler, he created the best-selling Outlanders series, now in its 15th year of consecutive publication, making it the most successful mass-market paperback genre series published in the last 25 years.

Learn more about The Spur: Loki’s Rock here and here.


Sequential Pulp Comics shared their latest press release for A Quatermain Adventure with All Pulp.

For more information, contact:
Michael Hudson


Allan Quatermain may not be as well known as Tarzan or Indiana Jones, but he adventured his way through lost civilizations long before those two characters’ adventures had been put into writing.  The FIRST Action-Adventure Hero Returns in a new series of Quatermain Adventures from Sequential Pulp Comics

Quatermain first appeared in Sir H. Rider Haggard’s 1886 novel, King Solomon’s Mines, and he set the standard for generations of adventure heroes. Haggard’s second most famous character, the iconic Ayesha followed a year later in the rousing “lost civilization” yarn, She. Both Quatermain and Ayesha proved to be so popular that Haggard wrote one of the earliest versions of a “crossover” with Allan and She. Both characters have proven to be remarkably durable over the decades in both print and film and continue to thrill audiences today.

With a resurgence in pulps and classic adventure at an all time high, Sequential Pulp’s Michael Hudson felt a graphic novel series built around the adventures of Allan Quatermain was due and thus was born the first two books A Quatermain Adventure: King Solomon’s Mines and A Quatermain Adventure: She. Michael Hudson says, “Our version of King Solomon’s Mines is the first in a series of wild adventures that take Quatermain and his companions all over the world…and even beneath it. The second graphic novel in the series is an adaptation of She, which blends elements from both the original novel and She and Allan. I’m thrilled to have two creators well versed in adventure comic storytelling in Mark Ellis and Pablo Marcos on King Solomon’s Mines. The work that has been coming in is stunning!”

When offered scripting reins on the project, veteran action-adventure novelist Mark (James Axler) Ellis saw it as an opportunity to “re-imagine” Quatermain and his milieu. Ellis says, “Quatermain is not just the template for all modern adventure heroes, but for the ‘Englishman who went native’ character archetype. I thought it would be interesting to examine that a bit in our series. So Pablo and I decided to present Allan as younger man, more dynamic, with a touch of the savage about him. And that extends to sexy female characters such as Princess Ignosa in King Solomon’s Mines.”

Quatermain remains popular with movie studios. Such actors as Stewart Granger, Richard Chamberlain and Sir Sean Connery have portrayed him. Recently Sonar Entertainment announced a 10 episode TV series entitled Quatermain, expected to go into production on location in Africa later this year. Sequential Pulp’s King Solomon’s Mines will solicit mid 2013 followed by She.

About Dark Horse Comics:
Since 1986, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. Today, Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest comic-book publisher in the U.S., and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of licensed comics material.

About Sequential Pulp Comics:
Sequential Pulp is a new imprint and production house whose focus is on publishing graphic novels based on classic to neo pulp of all genres. Its books will include both licensed and creator-owned material.

Mark Ellis:
The author of 50 novels and the creator of the best-selling Outlanders SF novel series, Ellis is no stranger to action-adventure. He has written what is generally considered the best comics version of Doc Savage, as well series based on popular TV shows such as The Wild, Wild West and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He has also created comic/graphic properties such as Death Hawk, HP Lovecraft’s The Miskatonic Project, Star Rangers, and The Justice Machine.

Pablo Marcos:
Pablo Marcos has worked in comics and commercial illustration for decades. A native Peruvian, Marcos is one of Peru’s leading cartoonists. His first U.S. work was in Warren Publishing’s Creepy #39 in 1971. Marcos has been associated with Batman, Dracula, Conan the Barbarian and his signature character, the Zombie for Marvel’s black-and-white horror comics magazine Tales of the Zombie (1973–1975). He has also illustrated many young adult adaptations of classic novels including King Solomon’s Mines for Great Illustrated Classics and Baronet Publishing.

You can learn more about Sequential Pulp Comics at http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com/
You can learn more about Dark Horse Comics at http://www.darkhorse.com/

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Allan Quatermain may not be as well known as Tarzan or Indiana Jones, but he adventured his way through lost civilizations long before those two characters’ adventures had been put into writing.


Art: Pablo Marcos

New Pulp Author Mark Ellis has shared Pablo Marcos’ stunning cover to the upcoming King Solomon’s Mines graphic novel that is scheduled to be in stores next year from Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse. Says Ellis of the book, “If you think you know everything about this story and Allan Quatermain–well, I’m fairly
confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

You can learn more about Sequential Pulp Comics at http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com/
You can learn more about Dark Horse Comics at http://www.darkhorse.com/


Art: Steven Gordon

Sequential Pulp Comics has released promo art for their 2012 release, CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF OF PARIS by Steven Gordon. The graphic novel is scripted by Mark Ellis and will be available in 2012 from Dark Horse Comics’ Sequential Pulp Comics imprint.

You can learn more about Sequential Pulp Comics at http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com/.
You can learn more about Dark Horse Comics at http://www.darkhorse.com/.