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First Look: Sequential Pulp’s Shell Scott

Do you know Shell Scott?

Art: David Enebral and Alejandro Torres Montiel

Art: David Enebral

 Of the art for the new Shell Scott graphic novel, New Pulp Writer, Mark Ellis says, “Here we go…David Enebral’s wonderfully atmospheric rendering of Shell Scott…who is apparently realizing anew that the sidewalks of 1960s Hollywood were just as likely to be paved with blood as stars.” I think you’ll agree our hero, Shell Scott is going to be up to his ears in trouble when our graphic novel, KILL THE CLOWN comes your way.

Shell Scott: Kill The Clown is adapted by Mark Ellis and illustrated by David Enebral for Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics. Coming 2012.

For more on Sequential Pulp Comics, visit http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com/
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For more on Shell Scott, visit http://www.thrillingdetective.com/scott.html

Sequential Pulp Visits King Solomon’s Mines!

Art: Pablo Marcos


Sequential Pulp Comics is thrilled to have adventure scribe extraordinaire, Mark Ellis and comics’ legend, Pablos Marcos team for a retelling of H. Rider Haggard’s KING SOLOMON’S MINES. Haggard’s Allan Quatermain stories have found new audiences over and over since the character was initially introduced in 1885.

The source material is in public domain. There have been numerous films based on KSM. The latest coming in 2004 from Hallmark Entertainment and starring Patrick Swayze as Allan Quatermain. The most famous version would still be MGM’s 1950 big budget epic staring Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr. It has just been reported that Dreamworks and Aussie heartthrob, Sam Worthington will tackle the role of Quatermain in a futuristic version of the novel.

Our writer/adapter Mark Ellis had this to say when asked how he plans to keep the material fresh when it has been in front of the public for so many years. “We plan to maintain the spirit of the story but alter sections in the original source material in order to streamline the narrative. We want to make the whole thing a bit more palatable to a contemporary graphic novel reading audience. That means tweaking characterization to some extent. Pablo Marcos, of course, is one of the few living legends of the comics and graphic novel field, and it’s quite the privilege and honor to work with him.”

Sequential Pulp is committed to honoring the wonderful writers who have come before us and we respect their vision and the integrity of their work. That being said I’ve read Mark’s story synopsis and it is fantastic. He has remained true to Haggard,his style and the essence of his storyline. He does it with great finesse taking us to the same place Haggard took us so many years ago. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to bring you one of the finest adventure tales ever written to graphic novel format.

The image above is of Pablo Marcos artwork and is designed by Melissa Martin-Ellis and Michael Hudson for promotional purposes. This will not be the actual cover for the graphic novel.To learn more about Sequential Pulp’s titles, please visit http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com.
UPDATE! Below is the cover sketch by Pablo Marcos.

Cover sketch by Pablo Marcos


Dick Prather’s inimitable, incomparable SHELL SCOTT returns in a series of graphic novels scripted by Mark Ellis with art by his Justice Machine partner, David Enebral. Publisher Michael Hudson says, “We owe a lot to Linda Pendleton for making this a reality. I’ve been planning this for over three years and can’t wait to see what our team does with the property.”

Ellis had this to share. “Shell (Scott) is the first literary private eye I was exposed to. Dick Prather’s books were what ignited my interest in the genre. I don’t think people now realize just how enormously popular and even influential the Shell Scott series was for 20 plus years. What’s even more amazing is that the entertainment value still holds up today.”

The first three books to be adapted are Kill The Clown, Dead Man’s Walk and Pattern For Panic. The adaptations should run 44 pages in length and are expected to come out bi-annually through Sequential Pulp joint publishing partner, Dark Horse Comics.

You can learn more about Shell Scott at http://user.dtcc.edu/~dean/
You can learn more about Sequential Pulp Comics at http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com/
You can learn more about Dark Horse Comics at http://www.darkhorse.com/
The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files Now Available From Moonstone Books

The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files Now Available From Moonstone Books

The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files from Moonstone Books is now available at http://moonstonebooks.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=35.

You can learn more about The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files at http://moonstonebooks.com/.
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The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files SC
Item #: avj
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The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files HC
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The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files

Written by: Robin Wayne Bailey, Will Murray, David Michelinie, Win Scott Eckert, Mark Ellis, Matthew Baugh, Ron Fortier, Howard Hopkins, Barry Reese, Eric Fein, Frank Schlidiner, Chris Paul Carey, Chris Bell…
Cover Art: Tom Gianni
Edited by: Joe Gentile & Howard Hopkins
336pgs, b/w, Squarebound, 6″x9″

The Avenger…All-New Stories for the Next Generation! Moonstone Books is proud to present this original anthology featuring never before seen tales of The Avenger.

**See it here…for the first and ONLY time anywhere…these two pulp titans collide… The AVENGER meets the uncompromising relentless justice of The SPIDER!

**See the never before told origin of The Avenger’s personal weapons “Mike” and “Ike”!

**The AVENGER meets up with the DOMINO LADY!
**HC includes bonus stories of the Avenger’s aides!

From the Flames of Tragedy, a Hero Rises In the roaring heart of the crucible, steel is made. In the raging flame of personal tragedy, men are sometimes forged into something more than human.
Life was bliss for millionaire adventurer Richard Henry Benson until the fateful day crime and greed took away his wife and younger daughter and turned him into something more than human.

Driven by loss, compelled by grief, he becomes a chilled impersonal force of justice, more machine than man, dedicated to the destruction of evildoers everywhere. A figure of ice and steel, more pitiless than both, Benson has been forged into an avatar of vengeance, possessed of superhuman genius and supernormal power. His frozen face and pale eyes, like ice in a polar dawn, only hint at the terrible force the underworld heedlessly invoked upon itself the day they created… The Avenger!

Now, the greatest crime-fighter of the 40s returns in a stunning collection of original action-packed tales of adventure, intrigue and revenge and even a chilling showdown with the Lord of Vampires himself!