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Hosted by New Pulp Authors Derrick Ferguson and Thomas Deja, the Better In The Dark podcast takes a look at documentary filmmaking in their latest episode.

141. Better in the Dark Get Reel-y Real!
In this episode, Derrick and Tom go out of their comfort zone to discuss the rather large world of documentaries. Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as the talk about some of their favorite docs, examine the way the genre has transformed and become more entertaining that some fiction films, and celebrate some of the best documentarians out there! Plus, lots of talk about an election that has since passed, and a reference to a forthcoming episode that’s already aired! You know, Troy Duffy thinks this show is unfair, so get to clicking!

Listen to Better In The Dark episode 141 here.


Cover Art in Process: Will Meugniot

Airship 27 Productions and Redbud Studio’s All-Star Pulp Comics #2 is in production and will feature comic tales of some of pulp’s favorite characters by some of New Pulp‘s best. Cover artist Will Meugniot shared his behind-the-scenes process for designing the cover on his Facebook page.

From Will Meugniot:
Here’s a preview of the new cover I just completed for Airship 27’s ALL-STAR PULP COMICS #2 out early next year. That complicated man with the Tommy gun is Derrick Ferguson’s exciting new pulp era adventure hero, Dillon, battling unknown evils alongside classic hero Ki-gor’s lovely mate, the crimson tressed Helene. On the left is the comp, at center is the inks and to the right, the finish. Hope you all will pick up a copy!

All-Star Pulp Comics #1 is still available.
Features cover art by Jeffrey Butler.
You can find it here.

Keep watching All Pulp for more details on All-Star Pulp Comics #2 when they become available.


Cover Art: Marco Turini

Airship 27 release its 14th title of 2012.


Airship 27 Productions is excited to announce the release of their third MYSTERY MEN (& Women) anthology celebrating the creations of brand new pulp heroes to follow in the steps of the classic avengers of old.  Managing Editor, Ron Fortier explains it this way, “After doing new stories of classic pulp heroes for nearly four years, many of our writers starting getting the itch to invent their own original pulp characters.  This anthology series addresses that need and has been a huge hit with all our readers.”
As in the first two volumes in this series, a quartet of today’s most ambitious pulp writers put on their creative caps and have whipped up four thrilling brand new pulp adventures crammed with wall-to-wall action. In MYSTERY MEN (& Women) Vol III we get to meet three brand new characters and have the pleasure of enjoying the return of a familiar character from volume two.
THE SKEIN – A black veteran of World War One returns home to the bayou country only confront an evil practitioner of the voodoo magic is turning living people into lifeless zombies.  Donning his old doughboy uniform and a gasmask, the Skein is born to protect the innocent and defeat the wicked, written and created by Kevin Noel Olson
THE BROWN RECLUSE – Next, in the grand tradition of the old pulp magazines comes a new series that focuses not on the stalwart heroes of the tale but rather on its dastardly villain.  A mad scientist whose genius is capable of inventing the most bizarre weapons, the Brown Recluse has but one goal in mind, the complete domination of all mankind under his heel. He is the invention of writer by Greg Gick
KIRI – A beautiful female samurai comes to New York in the early 1930s employed as the personal aid to a newspaper business woman wanting to clean up the city from vice and corruption.  Along the way, Kiri stumbles on a white slavery ring connected to a former ally who murdered her teacher back in Japan.  Suddenly her mission becomes that of personal vengeance and before it is over blood will be spilled.  Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to welcome gifted writer Curt Ferlund to our ranks and premier this truly wonderful new pulp hero.
MONGREL (Chapter Two) – And lastly the saga of the modern day action hero, Mongrel, continues in this second chapter picking up where the first ended.  There is a conspiracy to destroy Mongrel’s family, the owners of a multi-faceted high tech communications empire.  Using disguised, sophisticated cyborg assassins, the enemy strikes from the shadows.  This is Airship 27 Productions’ first on-going chapter serial and is presented by the creator of Dillon, the one and only Derrick Ferguson.
Airship 27 Productions’ 14th title of the year features a stunning cover by artist Marco Turini with interior illustrations and designs by Art Director Rob Davis.  Here once more are four fast-paced, colorful heroes created in the spirit of the golden age pulp avengers and brought to you by the publisher where adventure reigns.  Airship 27 Productions.  PULP FICTION FOR A NEW GENERATION!
Now Available at Create Space – (https://www.createspace.com/4049994)
Within 7 to 10 days at Amazon and Kindle.
As a PDF Digital Download Now at our Website.
And in two weeks as a POD from – (http://indyplanet.com/store/)


Pro Se Productions, a publishing company known for adventure, action, crime, fantasy, super heroes, New Pulp, and original stories featuring Classic characters, announces the beginning of a partnership with a new internet platform that will bring a brand new experience to Pro Se Fans, literally bringing a convention like activity into the homes of anyone wanting to find out more about Pro Se.  

On Saturday, October 13th from 1 PM CST to 7 PM CST, Pro Se Productions will be hosting an online Promotional Party spotlighting the entire company.  This event is being done in conjunction with www.shindig.com, a platform designed to host small, medium, and even massive book tours, promotional events, Q & As, or in this case, a gala event focusing on one of the up and coming Publishers of cutting Edge New Pulp fiction today.  Writers, artists, and creators associated with Pro Se will be providing readings, panels, and one on one question and answer sessions online while participants can wander in and out, just like an actual convention, and enjoy the events as they take place.   Also, fans who attend the event at any point in the day can actually enter into private chats with up to four other people and set up their own ‘rooms’ while also participating in the reading/panel/etc. that is taking place.  This allows for hundreds and hundreds of participants to be available.

“This is the ultimate con experience in a sense,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and EIC of Pro Se Productions stated, “taken and turned into an all Pro Se event.  People can attend panels, go to readings, meet authors and creators, and do it right in front of their computer.  Pro Se is definitely excited about this opportunity, not only because its a neat thing to be able to do, but also because it’s a platform that allows us to reach out not just to our own little conclave of fans who frequent our site, see us at Conventions, and/or buy our books.  This is an opportunity to open the doors of Pro Se up to any and all who have ever read a thriller and enjoyed it, who have ventured into Space and wanted more, who sneered with the villain and celebrated with the hero of some great story. Pro Se has all that and more to offer readers today, and although there’s stories of every genre under our banner, they all have something in common.  They are pure escapist over the top fun.  And now, thanks to Shindig, Pro Se’s ‘Puttin’ The New In Pulp’ Promotional Party is a chance for readers of all type to see what we do, meet our creators, hear some great stories, get great one day deals on Pro Se books, and even pick up some giveaways!”

Attending the ‘Pro Se- Puttin’ The New in Pulp’ is free for anyone who wants to attend.    Interact with creators, hear readings, participate in panels, take part in contests and simply learn about one of the brightest stars in modern Pulp and adventure publishing. Both established Pro Se Authors as well as new authors will be present.  Past and current releases will be focused on, but there will also be much discussion on books and events to come from Pro Se.  Come in for your favorite author or a panel subject that interests you, leave when you’re done, then come back whenever you want to.  Anyone interested in attending can RSVP at www.shindig.com/event/prose.   This is the sign in site for the event and will also be where times for panels, readings, and Q & As will be posted as a schedule becomes available.   

Pro Se also announces today that this event is only the first.  Pro Se will be providing opportunities for readings, panels, and creator meet and greets as well as online launch parties for Pro Se staff and material in the future.  “Expect,” stated Hancock, “that an event, anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, from Pro Se will happen every two weeks at a minimum, even more than that possibly with the fantastic books and such we have on the horizon.”

Saturday, October 13, 1 PM – 7 PM CST  Pro Se Productions – ‘Puttin’ the New in Pulp’ Promotional hosted by shindig.com.  RSVP and find out more at www.shindig.com/event/prose or by emailing Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net!  And expect updates on this fantastic event in the coming days!

Schedule for Pro Se Promotional Party- Puttin’ The New in Pulp

TIMES ARE CENTRAL STANDARD-Please Adjust for your Time Zone


1:00-1:30- Pro Se- Puttin’ The New In Pulp-Introduction to Pro Se by Tommy Hancock, EIC and Partner of PRO SE

1:30-2:00-Pro Se Presents-THE MAGAZINE THAT PUT THE MONTHLY BACK INTO PULP-Moderated by Tommy Hancock and featuring various

2:00-2:30- Reese Unlimited –Featuring the Works of Barry Reese

2:30-3:15-Sovereign City Project with Tommy Hancock, Derrick Ferguson, Barry Reese

3:15-3:30-Hansen’s Way- Featuring the Works of Nancy Hansen

3:30-4:00- Hugh Monn-Featuring Lee Houston, Jr.

4:00-4:30- The Black Centipede featuring Chuck Miller

4:30-5:00-The Silver Manticore Strikes- With PJ Lozito

5:00-6:00-Pulp Obscura-Classic Characters, New Stories-Featuring Various Writers and Creators

6:00-7:00 WHAT’S COMING SOON FROM PRO SE-Featuring Various Writers and Creators

For further information, contact Tommy Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net or at 870-834-4022.


New Pulp Authors Derrick Ferguson and Terrence P. McCaulley join the Fight Card series line up. Look for their respective Fight Card novels in 2013.


Derrick Ferguson

Fight Card is excited to announce the addition of Derrick Ferguson and Terrence P. McCaulley to the Fight Card Team of two-fisted, hard-punching, writers who will have fighters slugging it out on the pages of Fight Card main events in 2013.

New Pulp sensation Derrick Ferguson – the creator of the modern pulp hero Dillon– is a native of Brooklyn, New York. His interests include radio/audio drama, Classic Pulp from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and the current New Pulp movement.

With his podcast partner, Thomas Deja, Derrick currently co-hosts the Better In The Dark podcast where he rants and raves about movies on a bi-weekly basis. Derrick is also a rotating co-host of the PULPED! podcast, where he interview writers of the New Pulp Movement as well as discusses the various themes, topics, ebb and flow of what constitutes New Pulp and why you should be reading it.

Terrance P. McCauley

His books include, Dillon and the Voice of Odin, Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell, Four Bullets For Dillon, Dillon And The Pirates of Xonira, and The Adventures of Fortune McCall, all of which are available through Amazon.com as paperbacks and ebooks.

Terrence P. McCauley is a proud native of the Bronx, NY. He first gained recognition as a writer by winning TruTV’s Search for the Next Great Crime Writer contest in 2008.

You ready to step into the ring?

His short story Blood Moon of 1931 appeared in Matt Hilton’s Acton: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol. 1 and his short story Lady Madeline’s Dive appeared in the first edition relaunch of Thug Lit in 2012. Both anthologies are available for the Kindle at Amazon.com. His novels include, The Slow Burn from Noir Nation Books (as an e-book), and Prohibition from Airship 27, both of which will be published in late 2012.

McCauley’s novel Fight Card: will be released in January 2013.

Ferguson’s Fight Card: Brooklyn Beatdown will be released in February 2013.

Learn more about Fight Card Books at http://fightcardbooks.com.

Check out All Pulp’s recent interview with Fight Card co-creator Paul Bishop here and his Earth Station One podcast interview here.


Cover Art: Sean E. Ali

New Pulp Author Derrick Ferguson is celebrating the worldwide phenomenon known as International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which marks it’s 10th anniversary today by sharing another chapter of Dillon and The Pirates of Xonira to go along with the two that have been presented earlier:

Dillon And The Pirates of Xonira: Chapter One
Dillon And The Pirates of Xonira: Chapter Two
Dillon And The Pirates of Xonira: Chapter Three


Dillon And The Pirates Of Xonira
DILLON AND THE PIRATES OF XONIRA is a novel that’s a semi-sequel to DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL. While on vacation, Dillon is contacted by the beautiful and seductive Toi Lahayne, an operative of The Braithwaite Group. They’ve uncovered information that Dillon’s old friend, Lord Murphy C’jai is involved with the renewed pirate activity on Xonira. Dillon assembles a motley crew of modern day pirates to return to the island kingdom of Xonira and finds that once more that island kingdom is beleaguered by nefarious threats from both within and without.

Learn more about Dillion here.