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Today’s Smoky Comics Links

Today’s Smoky Comics Links

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort posts Mark Millar’s original memo/pitch for Civil War.

Comic Book Resources presents the third part of their look at Homosexuality in Comics.

Blogcritics reviews a pile of DC and Image comics, starting with Dynamo 5 #3.

Blogcritics also has a Marvel comics review, and is particularly fond of Nova #4.

Forbidden Planet International reviews a couple of Marvel Comics from years past..

Comics Reporter reviews Ted May’s Injury #1.

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog reviews the saga of the Mighty Marvel MegaMorphs.

Hannibal Tabu reviews his purchases this week for Comic Book Resources.


Tintin is racist, Batgirl is sexist, Punisher is black…

Tintin is racist, Batgirl is sexist, Punisher is black…

Department of “Shoulda Seen That Coming”: in the UK, a government minister issues a stern warning that a particular book, Tintin in the Congo, contains “hideous racial prejudice,” and that no right-thinking Briton should ever, ever read it henceforward. Result? Sales increase immediately by 3,800 percent. (Forbidden Planet International has a longer story on the complaint, including the fact that the Commission on Racial Equality – and isn’t that a nice Orwellian name? – demanded that Tintin in the Congo be banned.)

The Beat is not happy with the final cover for Showcase: Batgirl. (And there’s no reason she should be.)

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog remembers the halcyon days when the Punisher was, briefly, a black man.

Media Life Magazine thinks that Zudacomics is a really swell idea and the most wonderful thing since sliced bread – but they also think that comic books are “almost an industry,” so I’m not sure if we should believe them.

The Chicago Sun-Times looks at DC Comics’s new teen-girl-focused Minx line.

Bookgasm reviews the newest reprint trade paperback of the Fables series, Volume 9: Sons of Empire, written by Bill Willingham and illustrated by Mark Buckingham and others.

Publishers Weekly reviews a number of comics this week, including House by Josh Simmons and the first volumes in two maanga series, Gin Tama and War Angels.

Dana’s Marvel Comics Reviews, at Comic Fodder, hits the week’s high points, starting with New Avengers # 32.


Comics Links & Reviews

Comics Links & Reviews

Beaucoup Kevin thinks this (to your right) is the greatest comics panel of all time. (It’s possible…after all, malt does more than Milton can to justify Kirby’s ways to man.)

The Beat reports that Too Much Coffee Man will be debuting in a new form at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con: as an opera.

Todd Allen of Comic Book Resources collates all of the various statements about DC’s big Zudacomics world-domination scheme, and tries to explain what to expect from it.

The Nichei Bei Times asks the loaded question: what is manga?


Big-Time Comics People Speak

Big-Time Comics People Speak

The Montclair Times (of New Jersey) profiles comics legend Joe Kubert. [via Journalista]

Woodland Progress profiles graphic novelist Joshua Hale Fialkov, whose book Elk’s Run was published by Random House earlier this year.

Comic Book Resources chats with Garth Ennis about Punisher #50.

Comic Book Resources also talks with Durwin Talon about his new creator-owned series Bonds.

BlogTO interviews cartoonist and illustrator Patricia Storms (who did the great “The Amazing Adventures of Lethem & Chabon” strip, among many others.)


Comics News & Reviews

Comics News & Reviews

Webcartoonist Dave (Sheldon) Kellett has some thoughts on DC Comic’s Zudacomics initiative.

Comic Book Resources has discovered a “secret” price hike on some Marvel comics – and asked Marvel VP of Sales David Gabriel to explain it.

Comic Book Resources has a feature article — not quite a review, not quite an interview with Jamie McKelvie, but with bits of both – about Suburban Glamor.

St. Louis Jewish Light reviews Harvey Pekar’s The Quitter. (It would be funnier if I said they gave up in the middle, but, unfortunately, the world is not providing easy jokes for me today.)

Comics Reporter reviews Three Very Small Comics, Vol.III.


Interviews on the links!

Interviews on the links!

Comic Book Resources interviews Mike Carey, comics writer and author of the novel The Devil You Know.

Publishers Weekly talked to Icarus Publishing’s Simon Jones about the joys and problems of publishing pornographic manga.

Publishers Weekly also has the second half of an interview with Eddie Campbell about The Black Diamond Detective Agency.

Reason Online profiles Grand Master Robert A. Heinlein, who would have been 100 this past Saturday.

SF Scope prints excerpts from a publicity interview with David Bilsborough, author of The Wanderer’s Tale.

The UK SF Book News Network has a video interview with Fiona McIntosh, about her new novel Odalisque, from her UK publisher, Orbit.

Speaking of Orbit, on their own blog they have an interview (in the old-fashioned "text" form) with Trudi Canavan.


GLENN HAUMAN: Arguments should be good

CBRJoe Rice disgraces himself and Comic Book Resources with one of the worst cases of paralogia and argumentum ad hominem I’ve seen since the Peter David/Todd MacFarlane Great Debate. His argument can be reductiod to the following absurdum:

  1. I like Fantagraphics products.
  2. Harlan Ellison is suing Fantagraphics for reasons I don’t even pretend to address or understand.
  3. Therefore, Harlan Ellison is a "petty old sci-fi writer" and "a tired old hack" and he’s suing because "in truth, because his widdle feewings were hurt at how they descwibed him".

Yes, Joe, comics should be good– and so should your arguments. I didn’t think there could be a Rice who could make worse arguments than Condoleezza…