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COMICS LINKS: Insert Snappy Title Here

COMICS LINKS: Insert Snappy Title Here

Comics Links

Comic Book Resources talks to producer Tony Panaccio about the recent Heroes Initiative DVD, featuring a conversation among Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, and Kevin Smith.

CBR’s Mayo Report crunches the numbers on comics and trade paperback sales in July. Bottom line? Marvel is selling a hell of a lot of TPs collecting series that barely ended.

The Wall Street Journal thinks that women might buy more comics if given more of the stuff they’d like.

The Bookseller – the magazine of bookselling in the UK – points out that manga is huge over there, too.

Comics Reviews

Bookgasm reviews DC Comics Covergirls.

Forbidden Planet International reviews Marvel’s Secret War.

PLAYBACK:stl reviews Immortal Iron Fist #1.

Seibertron reviews two upcoming Transformers comics: Devastation #1 and Beast Wars Ascending #1.

Comics Reporter reviews The Mice Templar #1.

Blogcritics reviews Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker.

Comics Worth Reading looks at the Carey/Liew/Hempel Minx original graphic novel Re-Gifters.

Panels and Pixels investigates Fletcher Hanks’s I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets.

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog reviews this week’s comics, starting with The All-New Atom #15.

Brian Cronin of Comics Should Be Good reviews She-Hulk #21, writer Dan Slott’s last issue.

Cronin also reviews the first part of the latest everything-will-change-forever storyline, “One More Day,” in Amazing Spider-Man #544. (And does anyone else start singing Les Miserables songs every time he hears that title?)


COMICS LINKS: Unbelievable Things

COMICS LINKS: Unbelievable Things

Comics Links

Costumes? Check. Vigilante activities? Check. The KKK were always closer to mainstream superheroes than we’d probably like, but it took Craig Yoe to dig up the bizarre ‘20s newspaper comic strips in which a flying KKK squad do good deeds.

Political cartoonist Steve Bell is interviewed by the Sunday Herald. [via Forbidden Planet International]

Wizard has photos from Fan Expo Canada 2007.

TrekWeb interviews IDW editor Andrew Steven Harris about the future of Star Trek comics.

Comic Book Resources interviews Christos Gage about the upcoming House of M: Avengers mini-series.

Heidi MacDonald remembers Disney Adventures Magazine at The Beat.

ICv2 interviews DC Comics’s King of All Media, Paul Levitz.

On the Fantagraphics Blog, Gary Groth interviews Alias the Cat creator Kim Deitch.

New Scientist employs the theory of social networks to explain why super-heroes always win.

MangaBlog has a longer version of an interview with Mark Crilley that originally ran in Publishers Weekly’s Comics Week.

Comics Reviews

Bookgasm reviews John Porcellino’s King-Cat Classix.

At Comic Book Resources, Augie De Blieck, Jr. reviews two recent TwoMorrows books and other things.

Comics Reporter reviews Monte Beauchamp’s Devilish Greetings.

The San Francisco Chronicle reviews James Sturm’s America.

Warren Peace Sings the Blues reviews Gilbert Hernandez’s Chance in Hell.


COMICS LINKS: Back To The Rack

COMICS LINKS: Back To The Rack

Labor Day’s over and it’s back to work or school. Here’s some cheap thrills to get you through the day. (Our illustration is a recent Clay Bennett editorial cartoon.)

Comics Links

The Daily Cross Hatch interviews Evan Dorkin (in the first of what may be many parts).

Eddie Campbell remembers zipatone.

Comic Book Resources talks to Paul Jenkins.

Just in case you missed it: Monday was, in the Comic Curmudgeon’s words, Fööberdämmerung.

Comic Addiction talks to Ben Templesmith.

Newsarama slashes summer. No, really. That’s what it says.

The Montreal Gazette reports that a Dragon Ball Z live-action movie will be filmed there over the next year. OK, is there any chance that this won’t suck? [via Newsarama]

Comics Reviews

Brian Cronin of Comics Should Be Good reviews the first issue of the new magazine about comics, Comics Foundry.

From The Savage Critics:

SF/Fantasy Links

SF Scope reports that the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have just suspended their ePiracy committee in the wake of SFWA Vice President Andrew Burt’s recent badly-handled complaints against the Internet text-sharing site Scridb. (The full SFWA motion is also available on their LJ community.)

Robert J. Sawyer thinks the process for the Canadian SF award the Prix Aurora is horribly messed up this year — but he has a suggestion to help fix it.


COMICS LINKS: Gorey Tribbles

COMICS LINKS: Gorey Tribbles

Comics Links

Shaenon Garrity imagines what Edward Gorey’s adaptation of “The Trouble With Tribbles” might have been like.

The Beat takes a look at DC’s sales in July.

Comicon interviews James Kochalka, whose new children’s book Squirrely Grey has just been published.

Comicon also talks to Scott Shaw! about the rebirth of Captain Carrot.

The Wall Street Journal reports on Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is trying to use manga’s popularity in the West to improve Japan’s image.

Ridiculopathy has the sarcastic version of the old how-to-create-a-webcomic story.

Comic Book Resources interviews what looks like every person connected with the new Marvel Comics Presents series.

CBR also interviews Joe Casey about his new series Pilot Season: Velocity.

Comics Reviews

AppScout reviews the preview chapter of a new graphic novel, Shooting War.

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog covers this week’s comics, starting with Avengers: The Initiative #5.

Graeme McMillan of The Savage Critics learns that Gene Simmons’s Dominatrix #1 is just as bad as he thought it would be.


According to Charles Stross, his novel Glasshouse has won the 2006 Prometheus Award, given by the Libertarian Futurist Society to the best Libertarian SF novel of the year.

SF/Fantasy Links

Tobias Buckell runs down a current SFWA kerfuffle: one particular officer is a bit extreme on fighting copyright infringement, and has demanded the website Scribd take down a whole bunch of things are aren’t actually infringements. (And here’s the original report from Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing.)

One more Worldcon report today, from Pat Cadigan.

Robert J. Sawyer walks the Great Wall of China – and takes pictures.

Commonwealth of Fantasy, you can rest easy tonight. The SF Diplomat is taking his ball and going home.


COMICS LINKS: Inferior Five Edition

COMICS LINKS: Inferior Five Edition

Comics Links

Hipster Dad thinks that there should be an Inferior Five collection.

Comic Book Resources talks to Christos Gage.

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog presents more evidence that Bob Kanigher was a mad genius.

Greg Burgas of Comics Should Be Good reviews this week’s comics, starting with Batman Annual #26.

Brian Cronin of CSBG reviews the unpublished graphic novel Division Shadow.

Living Between Wednesdaysweekly reviews start with Countdown to Adventure #1.

The Daily Cross Hatch interviews Peter Kuper about his new book Stop Forgetting to Remember.

Comics Reviews

Fantasy Book Critic reviews The Nightmare Factory, a graphic novel based on four stories from the collection of the same name by Thomas Ligotti.

Wizard reviews the covers of three recent comics.

Blogcritics reviews Good As Lilly by Derek Kirk Kim and Jesse Hamm.

Panels and Pixels has a manga review roundup.

The Daily Cross Hatch reviews the first collection of “Perry Bible Fellowship” strips by Nicholas Gurewitch, The Trial of Colonel Sweeto.

The Savage Critics reviews:



COMICS LINKS: Felt Typewriters

COMICS LINKS: Felt Typewriters

Today, our illustration is of a felt replica of an Underwood typewriter, simply because dogged persistence in the pursuit of idiosyncratic ends should always be celebrated. That is really impressive.


Comics Links

Comic Book Resources has a Bizarro talk with Geoff Johns.

CBR also chatted with ComicMix‘s own Mike Baron, whose character The Badger will be returning soon from IDW. ("Lawyers? I hate lawyers!")

Comics Reporter runs down the reactions to the news that Berkley Breathed’s strip Opus has been dropped from a number of papers for two Sundays for religious intolerance and making the wrong kind of jokes.

Newsarama has another article in their ongoing series about stuff they love, “I (heart) comics.” Has anyone told them that the heart icon doesn’t come through in feeds – and not always on their page as well – so it looks like they’re saying “I slash team books?” And do they understand the significance of slash?

Comics Reviews

The Book Nerd reviews Linda Medley’s graphic novel Castle Waiting.

The Tri-City News loves itself some Scott Pilgrim.

Blogcritics reviews The Poison Diaries by Jane, Duchess of Northumberland & Colin Stimpson.

SF/Fantasy Links

Here’s an official report on the Chengdu International SF/Fantasy Conference, and here’s Neil Gaiman’s personal report.

Ellen Kushner has arrived in Japan for Worldcon.

And so has Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

(Further links, I hope, as more people arrive in Japan and start posting.)

SF Diplomat circles back to the subject of Fantasy (which he still hates). You know, I could read one or two romance novels, loathe them, and then create a huge, unwieldy critical apparatus too, but…I have better things to do with my time. (He gets hammered in the comments quite comprehensively on similar grounds.)

John Joseph Adams’s upcoming anthology Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse has a website.

Niall Harrison of Torque Control has some notes from an evening with William Gibson.


COMICS LINKS: Monday Again

COMICS LINKS: Monday Again

No links came with obvious top-of-the-post illustrations today, so, instead, let’s focus on the Monday-ness of today, and think demotivation.

Comics Links

Comic Book Resources looks at webcartoonists at Wizard World Chicago.

Wizard talks to Avatar Press artist Jacen Burroughs.

Comic Book Resources interviews Hugh Sterbakov, writer of Freshmen.

CBR also chats with artist Adrian Alphona, soon to take over Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

Comics Reporter interviews Comic-Con Director of Marketing and Public Relations David Glanzer.

Newsarama has the second half of an interview with Douglas Wolk, author of Reading Comics.

The New York Times’s Paper Cuts blog interviews cartoonist Dan Clowes.

Comics Reviews

The Joplin Independent reviews Modern Masters, Vol. 7: John Byrne.

Blogcritics reviews The Architect by Mike Baron and Andie Tong.

Comics Reporter reviews Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow.

Brian Cronin at Comics Should Be Good reviews Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23.

Living Between Wednesdays reviews this weeks’ comics, starting with The Immortal Iron Fist #8.

Graeme McMillan of The Savage Critics reviews Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero #1.




Comics Links

Newsarama has discovered the exisitence of Triple-A Baseball Heroes, in which Marvel superheroes apparently battle villainy in tandem with minor-league team mascots. (The cover is our illustration today.)

Comics Reviews

Ain’t It Cool News reviews a pile of recent comics, starting with the Booster Gold relaunch.

CHUD’s Thor’s Comic Column presents reviews of comics by several people, none of whom are actually named Thor.

Comic Book Resources’s Hannibal Tatu reviews a pile of this week’s comics.

Comics Reporter reviews Hurricane Season #1.

The Daily Cross Hatch reviews Fletcher Hanks’s I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets.

Comics Worth Reading reviews To Terra by Keiko Takemiya.

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog covers this week’s comics.

Greg Burgas of Comics Should Be Good also reviews this week’s comics.

Comics Should Be Good’s Brian Cronin looks at the first issue of the second series of Mouse Guard.

SF/Fantasy Links

What is Star Wars were a musical? Let’s Blow This Thing! might just be the result. [via Extra Life]

Locus Online lists the new books that they saw in mid-August.

Jeff Somers’s new book The Electric Church now has its own website.


COMIC LINKS: Astro Boy Goes West!

COMIC LINKS: Astro Boy Goes West!

Comics Links

Toon Zone asks Philip Brophy to explain to them how wonderful Osamu Tezuka is, in connection with an exhibition of Tezuka’s work now in San Francisco.

The Beat has a whole load of Toronto Comic Arts Festival photos.

The International Herald Tribune looks at the recent increase in graphic novel publishing in the UK.

The Seattle Times takes a look at DC Comics’s new Minx line.

Scott Shaw! explains how, once upon a time, Archie met the Punisher. (It was the ‘90s – that kind of thing happened a lot.)

Comics Reviews

Comics Reporter reviews World War Hulk #3 and Booster Gold #1.

Boston Now reviews the graphic novel Re-Gifters by Mike Carey, Sonny Liew, and Marc Hempel.

SF/Fantasy Links

Paul McAuley explains why he writes short stories (and it’s certainly not the money).

Edward Champion is not happy – at great length – with Adam Gopnik’s recent profile of Philip K. Dick in the New Yorker.

Tor Books will be podcasting from Worldcon, with commentary from Tom Doherty and Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

John Klima lists some of the major SF/Fantasy short-fiction outlets (for ease in supporting them).


Today’s Hot Comics Links

Today’s Hot Comics Links

Comics Links

Suspension of Disbelief (which I haven’t seen updated much lately, so I hope it’s back) looks at Spirit #5, and that old bad-plotting standby, beating a guy until he signs a contract/confession/whatever.

Think the San Diego Comic-Con is big? It’s only the third largest comics gathering in the world – and number one is Japan’s Comiket, held twice a year in Tokyo. This past weekend, about 550,000 people were there.

Forbidden Planet International reports on graphic novels at the recent Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Publishers Weekly reports on the recent land-rush business in movie rights for graphic novels.

Newsarama rounds up and comments on a bunch of stories about DC comics’s Zuda project.

Canada’s National Post reports on the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

The Chicago Tribune talks to Douglas Wolk about whether comics are getting any respect.

The LA Times has noticed that some comics have been “slabbed” by CGC. Once again, the mainstream press runs about a decade behind events in the comics world…

Comics Reviews

Graeme McMillan of The Savage Critics admits that he’s a latecomer to Ultimate Spider-Man, but he likes #112.

Comics Reporter reviews an anthology comic from a few years back, Reactor Girl #6.