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Box Office Democracy: Terminator Genisys

If you have somehow made it this far without seeing the last theatrical trailer for Terminator Genisys then I urge you to stop reading this now and go see the movie. There is a terrible spoiler in the previews for this movie and if you’re still pure in this regard go and don’t look back. Everyone else stick around because I am pissed.


Box Office Democracy: “The Expendables 3”

ex3-posterThe first two Expendables films worked for me in the same way old-timers days work for me in baseball.  They take a career that scarcely has any use for people over the hill and gave them a place to look relevant in a limited space.  My biggest problem with The Expendables 3 is that it deviates too much from that idea by introducing a crop of young guns that expose the existing cast as being largely too old for this line of work while the presence of the established stars steals all the gravitas from the scenes shared with the newer actors.  There are great individual performances and a couple of surprising ones. Excellent choices, but ultimately the Expendables franchise seems to be on a downward trajectory and I don’t know how it will right itself.