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Watch “The Dark Knight Rises” Teaser

Finally, a week after the official poster was released, we can run the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the finale in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Gary Oldman. Enjoy.

Review: ‘Love and Other Drugs’

Romantic comedies have become such a formula that filmmakers either follow the dots or strain to find a new spin on the concept. We all now the routine: establish your characters, give them oddball sidekicks, have the couple meet cute, begin to fall in love, have some complication that separates them then reunite them for the finale. Done well, it can be a terrific film-going experience and make for a fine night out with your significant other. Done less well, you feel like you wasted your time and money.

Then, there’s [[[Love and Other Drugs]]], which is out this week on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. It follows the formula for the most part, but varies it enough to keep you interested but doesn’t give you that uplifting feeling you want. A valiant effort, it fails to transcend the form when the cast and crew’s pedigree led you to expect it.


24 tickets per day per theater for ‘Spirit’? Ouch!

24 tickets per day per theater for ‘Spirit’? Ouch!

In the middle of a weekend movie recap article with the fascinating headline "Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson Spanked by Clint Eastwood" we come across these horrible statistics:

From Friday-Sunday, the broken-down Spirit sold about 24 tickets a day at each of its theaters.  The above stat brought to you by highly speculative movie math: take the weekend per-screen average ($515) divide by three, and then divide by the average ticket price ($7.20).

My city screams, indeed.

Hathaway Ready to Return as 99

Hathaway Ready to Return as 99

“I would love to do a second one,” Anne Hathaway told MTV about a sequel to this summer’s Get Smart. “But I haven’t heard if we’re going to. I hope we get to. I really loved playing Agent 99, it would be fun to do all the training again, and hanging out with all those boys was so much fun.” 

The film got so-so reviews but did $129,472,725 worth of domestic box office which was better than expected and was one of the better performing comedies.  A DVD is expected out by Christmas but no date has been released by Warner Home Video.

“There are all sorts [of possibilities],” Hathaway noted about a follow-up. “I’d like her to get into unexpected trouble. I’d love to see 99 lose control. I’d love to see something happen to 99 where her heart gets broken, and you see her have a complete emotional collapse. That could be really funny.”

Arkin to Get Smart with Carell

Arkin to Get Smart with Carell

Fresh from their oscar-nominated performances in Little Miss Sunshine last year, Steve Carell and Alan Arkin will be appearing together in the Warner Bros. film version of Get Smart as Maxwell Smart (Secret Agent 86, as if you’d forgotten) and the Chief, respectively. Also cast in the film is Anne Hathaway as Agent 99.

But now, the really tough question — do you even try to replace Bernie Kopell as Siegfried? And Patrick Warburton, of course, is the obvious choice for Hymie the Robot.