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Introducing Crimson Cutlass the Chameleon!

Crimson Cutlass and The Chameleon. Art: Scott “Doc” Vaughn

On his Facebook page, Scott “Doc” Vaugn shared a sneak peek at an upcoming project.

From Scott:
While we continue to promote the WARBIRDS OF MARS: Stories of the Fight! anthology recently published by myself and Kane Gilmour (not to mention while I work on new strips for the warbirdsofmars.com webcomic) I’ve been writing a brand new pulp novella: Introducing CRIMSON CUTLASS & THE CHAMELEON! I recently finished their character designs, and here’s your first look!

Learn more here.

Vaugn is also contributing interior illustrations to the upcoming Airship 27 Productions release, Lance Star: Sky Ranger vol. 4.

First Look at Nik Poliwkos the Ruby Files Vol. 2 Illustrations

Art in progress at artist Nik Poliwko’s digital rendering.
A closer look at Poliwko’s art.

Airship 27 Productions has shared a sneak peek behind the curtains of illustrator Nik Poliwko’s first illustration for the upcoming The Ruby Files Vol. 2.

The award-winning The Ruby Files returns for a second volume of pulpy detective yarns in 2013 from Airship 27 Productions. The Ruby Files Vol. 2 features stories by Ruby Files creators Sean Taylor and Bobby Nash and authors Alan J. Porter and Ron Fortier. Interior illustrations provided by Nik Poliwko under a cover by Mark Wheatley. Rob Davis returns as book designer.

Keep watching http://rickruby.blogspot.com for more The Ruby Files vol. 2 news as soon as it becomes available.

Vol. 1 cover: Mark Wheatley

The Ruby Files Vol. is still available in paperback and ebook editions at the following:

Amazon (paperback)
Indy Planet (paperback)
Createspace (paperback)
Airship 27 Hangar (PDF ebook)
Kindle (ebook)

Airship 27 Releases Dan Fowler G-Man Vol II


Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce their fifth release of the year; DAN FOWLER G-Man Vol II.  Volume One was published two years ago and well received by pulp fans warranting a second foray into the world of this classic tough guy federal agent.
One of the greatest pulp heroes of old returns in four gun-blazing new adventures.  Dan Fowler, ace investigator for the FBI, is back action, this time facing off against quartet of deadly villains; from a hideous monkey faced gang boss to avenging the murder of an uncover agent.  Along the way he’ll team up with a colorful assortment of allies from a sexy jewel thief to the none other than Jim Anthony, the Super Detective.
Writers Derrick Ferguson, Aaron Smith, Joshua Reynolds and B.C. Bell have whipped up four of the most fast paced, nail biting crime thrillers ever to grace any pulp collection.  Dan Fowler is an iconic pulp hero who, during the course of his original series, battled criminals and outlaws from rural hick bootleggers to the organized syndicates of New York and Chicago.
“Dan Fowler was by far one of the most successful classic pulp characters ever created,” declares Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “If you start talking about any kind of crime fighting series, pulp fans will immediately bring up his name. It is synonymous with this particular genre of pulps. He was pretty much the Dick Tracy of the pulps. Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to be bringing him back into the spotlight of new pulp fiction with these original thrill-a-minutes tales.”
Wrapped up by a gorgeous cover from Brian McCulloch and featuring wonderful black and white interior illustrations by Neil T. Foster, DAN FOWLER G-MAN Vol II was designed by Rob Davis and edited by Ron Fortier.  So move over Elliot Ness and Melvin Purvis, here comes the great G-Man of them all, DAN FOWLER!!!
Now on sale at Amazon.


Cover Art: Will Meugniot

Airship 27 Presents All-Star Pulp Comics #2 is now available from Redbud Studios. 


(Portion of Profits Goes to Boston Red Cross)

Airship 27 Productions has once again teamed with Redbud Studio comics to release the second in their on-going pulp comics anthology. The first giant issue in this series won the coveted Pulp Ark Award for Best Pulp Comic of 2010.

Volume two of the series, co-edited by creators Ron Fortier and Rob Davis, is even bigger than that stellar premier issue. Contained here are eight stories featuring both modern and classic pulp heroes; Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord, the Black Bat, Cain, Robin Hood, Lance Star, Brothers Bones, Dillon and Domino Lady. 

The cover is by Will Meugniot and features Ki-Gor’s lovely mate, Helene, battling back to back with Derrick 

#1 Cover Art: Jeff Butler

Ferguson’s modern day adventurer, Dillon. Other creators represented are Russ Anderson, Fortier, Davis, Ian Watson, Thomas Deja, Michelle Sciuto, Sean Taylor, Aaron Meade, Todd Jones, Lee Oaks, James Gaubatz, Van Plexico, Andrew Salmon and Kelly Everaert. 

The book is available from Indy Planet.com and part of the proceeds are being donated to the Boston Red Cross. “We were the last stages of assembling the book,” explains Editor Foriter, “when the Patriots’ Day bombings occurred in Boston. All of us, like the rest of the country, were in shock and felt helpless to do anything.” It was writer Van Plexico who contacted Fortier about possibly offering some of the sales proceeds to help those injured in the terror attack. “The second Van brought up, I knew it was something we had to do,” Fortier continues. He contacted Davis and all the creators and the decision was made to take all the profits earned by the book during its first six months in print and donate them to the Boston Red Cross.

“We truly hope our fans, when they learn of this idea, will want to rally around a truly good cause and help us put sales over the top,” adds co-editor Rob Davis. “We really want this to be the best selling title Redbud Studio has ever produced.”

The issue is now on sale at http://www.indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=8450

Learn how cover artist Will Meugniot created the cover here.


Dan Fowler G-Man Vol. 2 back cover

New Pulp Publisher Airship 27 Productions shared the back cover to the upcoming Dan Fowler G-Man Vol. 2.

Said editor Ron Fortier on Airship 27’s Facebook page, “Over two years ago we released DAN FOWLER G-Man Vol One. Now its time for America’s ace to get back into action. Here’s a sneak-peek at the back cover to DAN FOWLER G-Man Vol Two. Coming up next from Airship 27 Productions.”

Dan Fowler G-Man Vol. 2 features stories from Derrick Ferguson, Aaron Smith, Joshua Reynolds, and B. C. Bell under a cover by Brian McCulloch and interior illustrations by Neil T. Foster.

Coming soon.

Ruby Files Creators Get Pulped!

Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor with their 2013 Pulp Ark Awards.

For the first time since the Pulp Ark Award winners were announced, Ruby Files co-creators Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor got to hold their Pulp Ark Award for Best New Pulp Character: Rick Ruby at the Free Comic Book day event at galactic Quest Comics in Buford, GA.

Congratulations to Bobby and Sean.

Bobby’s award: Best Author

Rick Ruby’s creators.

Best New Pulp Character: Rick Ruby

The Griffon Battles the Terror and the Viper—on Kindle!

Two Titanic Tales of Adventure in One Package, from Van Allen Plexico

Who is… the Griffon?? 

When criminals, saboteurs and foreign agents threaten America’s security, millionaire ballistics expert Kerry Keen takes the controls of his custom-built, heavily-armed seaplane, the Black Bullet, as the dashing Griffon!

With mechanic/co-pilot/butler/chauffeur Barney O’Dare at his side, the Griffon strikes from a hidden hangar on Long Island Sound and delivers swift and often brutal justice to those deserving of it.  Sought by the authorities for his ruthless vigilante tactics, he must constantly avoid both the wrath of his foes and the long arm of the law.

In these two new adventures by award-winning and best-selling New Pulp author Van Allen Plexico (Sentinels; Lucian), the Griffon squares off against Nazi agent The Terror and his horrifying new secret weapon that could tilt the balance Germany’s way in the coming war—and then battles The Viper, a vengeance-seeking SS officer leading a squadron of missile-launching rocket-planes!

“The Griffon is such a terrific character,” says Plexico, “and I’m happy that White Rocket can offer readers what is essentially a two-part adventure together in one package for the first time.  Fuel up the seaplane and get ready for takeoff—the Griffon flies again!”

In these two power-packed adventures, here are just a few of the real-life machines you will see in action:

Sikorsky 1-S38 flying boats

DKW F5 Meisterklasse and Dusenberg sedans

Bachem Ba-349 rocket planes

Henschel Hs 217 Föhn unguided air-to-air rockets

Messerschmitt Bf 109 W seaplanes

Curtiss P-36 Hawk fighter planes

Chatellerault MAC 34 high-powered machine guns

Originally appearing in LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER Vol 2 (Airship 27) and NEW ADVENTURES OF THE GRIFFON (Pro Se), this 2-in-1 Kindle edition from White Rocket Books collects the two parts of Van Allen Plexico’s epic tale of the high-flying GRIFFON into one e-book for only $2.99.


iPulpFiction.com turns the spotlight on New Pulp Author Bobby Nash beginning today, April 1st (and nope, this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke). Look for Bobby’s stories from Frontier, Doc Dresden: The Immortal, The Green Hornet, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, and Domino Lady, all specially formatted for your mobile devices. Perfect for those who like to read on the go.


Coming in April to iPulpFiction.com

This April, iPulpFiction.com is proud to featured works from the 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winner for Best Author Bobby Nash

From his secret lair in the wilds of Bethlehem, Georgia, Bobby Nash, the 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winner for Best Author, writes a little bit of everything including novels, comic books, short prose, novellas, graphic novels, screenplays, media tie-ins, and even a little pulp fiction just for good measure. And he sleeps at least once a week, whether he needs it or not.

Two new iPulp series, Frontier and Doc Dresden: The Immortal will be available on April first, along with stories featuring Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Domino Lady, and The Green Hornet.


Frontier is a collection of sci-fi themed short stories from 2013 Pulp Ark Award-Winning Best Author, Bobby Nash. With Frontier, the author of Earthstrike Agenda, Evil Ways, and Deadly Games! presents a collection of rarely seen tales presented tales as well as some never before published stories. From Earth to alien planets and to the deepest recesses of space, Frontier features action, adventure, horror, and even a little romance.

340 year old Nathanial Dresden, “Doc” to his friends, is an explorer and adventurer at heart. For the last several centuries he has had many fantastic adventures. In present day, he works at (and secretly co-owns) Solutions Inc., a think tank/troubleshooting company. Solutions Inc. is the go to company when you need answers. Join Doc and his comrades as they travel the globe in search of adventure.


“With the whole world wallowing in pointless, plotless fiction, iPulp greets the reader like a breath of fresh adrenaline.” — David Lubar, Award-winning author of Hidden Talents

In the past, dime novels and other forms of pulp fiction influenced writers of genre fiction such as Ray Bradbury, Raymond Chandler, and H. P. Lovecraft. It was a time when kids carried a dime novel folded in their hip pocket or nestled out of sight in their schoolbooks.

Today, the pulps are mostly gone. iPulpFiction.com reinvents the genre short story market by taking pulp fiction to the mobile generation — to be hidden among digital textbooks on a tablet or tucked away on a smartphone in a hip pocket.

Visit iPulpFiction.com to learn more.
Learn more about 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winning Best Author, Bobby Nash at www.bobbynash.com

Welcome to ipulpfiction.com

The Ruby Files Bursts onto Kindle

Cover Art: Mark Wheatley

Airship 27 Productions announced that The Ruby Files Vol. 1 is now available on Kindle. The recently announced 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winner for Best New Character is now available in paperback and ebook formats to meet your pulpy two-fisted crime thriller needs.

You can find The Ruby Files on Kindle here.

About The Ruby Files:


It was the 1930s and America was locked in the grip of the Great Depression. Gangsters controlled the major cities while outlaws roamed the rural back country. It was a time of Speak Easy gin-joints, Tommy-guns, fast cars and even faster dames. This is the world of New York based Private Investigator Rick Ruby, a world he is all too familiar with. From the back alleys of Gotham to the gold laden boulevards of Hollywood, Ruby is the shamus with a nose for trouble and an insatiable appetite for justice. So if you’ve got a taste for hot lead and knuckle sandwiches, tug your cuffs, adjust your fedora and light up a Lucky, a brand new pulp detective is coming your way.

Created by pulp masters, Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor, Rick Ruby echoes the tales of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe while offering up his own brand of two-fisted action. Joined by fellow pulp smiths Andrew Salmon and William Patrick Maynard, these modern scribes of purple prose present a quartet of tales to delight any true lover of private eye fiction.


To learn more about The Ruby Files, visit the official Rick Ruby site at http://RickRuby.blogspot.com



Airship 27 Productions is delighted to announce the release of a brand new crime thriller by one of the finest talents in genre fiction today; Mike Baron!
From the award winning creator of Nexus and Badger, comes a tale of terror and suspense set against the backdrop of the Outlaw Biker culture.  Josh Pratt is an ex-con turned private investigator.  A woman dying of cancer hires him to find the son she gave up as a baby.  The child’s father is a sadistic sociopath named Moon who has vowed to kill her for abandoning them.
Josh is the BIKER, caught up in a race for survival against a human monster on the road between heaven and hell at the end of which lies either salvation or damnation.  Baron spins a tale of unrelenting suspense and horror that moves across his narrative landscape like the roar of a chopper’s engine.  Creating memorable characters and authentic backgrounds, this is an amazing, quality crime thriller unlike anything you’ve ever read before.  The man who shook up the comic industry with his revolutionary stories now turns his limitless imagination to the world of crime fiction and the result will blow you away.
“Mike Baron tells a story like nobody else in the business,” says Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “For years he’s captivated comic fans with his innovative tales of the erratic kung-fu Badger and the star-spanning, philosophical avenger, Nexus.  Now he’s entered the world of crime and horror fiction to rousing applause from fans everywhere.  We at Airship 27 Productions are very excited about bringing readers his latest novel; a riveting, no-holds-barred winner.  BIKER simply rocks!”
Featuring illustrations by artist Joseph Arnold and designed by award-winning Art Director, Rob Davis, BIKER is a punch-to-the-gut reading experience even the most jaded thriller fan will be cheering.
“Hard-boiled. Hard-edged. Hard-core. Hard to put down until you get to the last page.”
Charles Saunders, author of Imaro and Damballa.

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction For a New Generation!

Now on sale (https://www.createspace.com/4204985)
On Kindle within 2 days.
At our Airship 27 website as a PDF download for $3.
Within a week at Amazon and (www.IndyPlanet.com)