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  1. mike weber says:

    Seeing as you’ve got Grimjack on the header, i thought you’d appreciate this AFP article – the title isn’t “No Tourbots” … but it could be…

    BTW – since your new format looks as if it uses Gravatar to authenticate users posting comments, why doesn’t it show the Gravatar image?

  2. 3Xp4t says:

    What’s the best way to nominate more entries for this directory? I can come up with 15 or 20 (even AFTER applying an adult content filter). I notice Oddly Aroused ( is missing, even though I voted for it. Breaking Cat News ( and DomestiCats ( are two more, fully family friendly and awesome comics, for examples.

    I’d put them in comments here, but it could take up a good bit of space. Suggest that you create a submission box at the top of the page for nominations, and include a “rules” to indicate if & what ‘adult content’ is too strong?

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