REVIEW: Power Trip

Robert Greenberger

Robert Greenberger is best known to comics fans as the editor of Who's Who In The DC Universe, Suicide Squad, and Doom Patrol. He's written and edited several Star Trek novels and is the author of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia. He's known for his work as an editor for Comics Scene, Starlog, and Weekly World News, as well as holding executive positions at both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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  1. COREY DEAN says:

    Bob you’re cracked if you didn’t enjoy this cover to cover! I think your harsh words is only your empty guesses. You sir cannot supply fact to the open ended comments you made. I guess crapping on people for some makes them feel better about their stagnant existence. What have you done lately worth crapping on? Jealous much?

  2. Brown Bear says:

    What kind of prick craps all over a small time self publishing author? It’s hard enough to make it without online clowns like Bob who never got the message that if you don’t have anything nice to say……..
    BTW, the book can’t be too bad because it just approached a SELL OUT.

  3. Corey Dean says:

    While it’s cool to throw shade, I bought a copy of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia. Wish I could get my money back now.I overlooked all his mistakes. The so called facts used in this book unlike Jason Young’s were
    Robert Greenberger’s opinions and not fact. Perhaps he should stop accusing other authors of what he glaringly does…..make up the facts if he feels they sound right.

  4. Mark Steven says:

    Robert Greenberger

    What kind of drugs are you on???

    I have purchased every book author Jason Young has sold and I love every one he ever sold…Jason’s books cover my childhood perfectly and captures the essence to every detail with perfection…could it be that you are jealous of the success author Jason Young has been receiving on his books??? I clearly don’t share your idiotic opinion regarding Jason’s book???

  5. MARK STEVEN says:

    Thanks for the heads up from member Corey Dean…..I was actually just about to order Greenberger’s copy of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia but now I won’t waste my money…..Perhaps that’s the reason for Greenberger’s shade on Jason Young’s book after all? Robert Greenberger’s books are not worth anyone’s time or money??

  6. Critic's Critic says:

    I think Bob needs a proof reader himself. This guy worked at Marvel/DC and can’t spell “such as” instead of “suc as”. C’mon Bob. Not to mention several things you stated as fact are clearly wrong – including the title of his first book “The Wonderful Artwork of Wax Wrappers” which any amateur should have got right if they did their homework.
    Your review comes off as a bitter old man, who gets pleasure by taking shots at others hard work. For what it’s worth – I own this book and it’s freakin amazing!

  7. Don Mills says:

    The author is sending FB friends to his defense, I got a request because I bought a copy of this. I liked the book but it isn’t above criticism, It needed a little more research.

  8. Rodney says:

    Bob you are spineless human. A gremlin of the lowest form . I’m sorry that your life is so low and meaningless that you needed to stoop this low . Wisdom has been chasing you all your life but you have always been faster ! May you get stung in your crotch by a 1000 fleas and your arms be too short to scratch it !

  9. Huntington Waterbury says:

    Despite being an enduring and beloved niche corner of the comic book and pop culture collecting world, and despite blogs and magazine articles and podcasts dedicated to it, nobody has taken the time and effort to publish any book dedicated to the output of Power Records. The author deserves to be lauded for putting that book together, rather than criticized.

  10. GM Werner says:

    Bob, you obviously had some great talent in your illustrious past. I think it’s a shame when talented people miss the point. This book, while yes sharing some historical background, is largely meant as a time capsule, a reference, resource, and love letter to those of us who grew up enjoying this product. I found the same care and concern in the way that he cataloged the numerous Ben Cooper costumes of old in the book you couldn’t bother to mention. So, for a reference book, I can easily forgive a few editing mistakes.
    For a professional reviewer, author? Nope. I found at least three spelling or grammatical errors in your text above, which is scantly a percentage of Jason’s effort. That sentence on Fernandez cannot possibly make sense to you either. I can’t imagine why you would take the time to review a reference book on a topic you don’t seem to care that much about, nor complain about the $25 cover price that we all happily paid, when yours was free.
    It seems to me that you may want to take your own advice, and use an editor. Or perhaps you can just revisit the DC who’s who series, Book “B” and reference the Bat-spellchecker for your next update.
    I look forward to reviewing it…

  11. Annette Martin says:

    I have purchased and loved several copies of all three of Jason Young’s books-we have a local authors book club here in Dartmouth and feature him with each new book. We love the visuals and have found the information to be diligently and thoroughly researched. Self publishing during a pandemic is challenging enough without someone leaving critical reviews that were not even broached with the author first, I assume. It’s impolite and distasteful.

  12. I have collaborated with both Bob and Jason and the experiences were pleasant in each case. I also don’t think that defending someone’s work requires an attack on the critic. That said, more diligent research and proofreading are always vital and they could have been improved here. Nevertheless, I have found all three of Jason’s books to be thoroughly engaging and entertaining. They’re fun and they scratch the itch they are supposed to. I am very happy to have them in my library.

  13. Usually we don’t leave review unless a product or person makes an impact on our lives.

    Jason’s books have been a great call back to not only our company but to our thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. We have purchased a few for giveaways for Halloween and other community contests and the feedback has been outstanding.

    All of the books, including Power Trip are outstanding visual callback with notes about the history of pop culture that so many of us long for in our older years.

    We don’t understand any criticism anyone would have with Jason or any of his work but then again opinions are like well you know, everyone has one.

    We fully endorse Jason and all of the works of Oldtimes Blue Ribbon Digest.


  14. I was flattered when Jason Young asked me to contribute items from my Power Records collection to his book and I am honored to have my name associated with it. Power Trip scratches an itch I have had since the end of the 1970s.

    As with any book that chronicles the history of a time-period, genre, or pop culture phenomenon there is going to be a lot left on the proverbial “cutting room floor”. Power Trip is no exception. Do I wish there was a matrix, or an ultimate checklist, as Greenberger requests? Why, yes! Yes I do! Would I have liked to see more interior comic book pages as well? Yes! Of course I would.

    I would also have liked it to have been delivered to me on a silver platter by a flying Unicorn. But, I don’t believe I’ll be getting that anytime soon either.

    My point is, where I think Greenberger has some very valid points, and his suggestions would have made an even more fulfilling book, I think they could have been stated in a much more constructive way. And, even without these additions, this book is 156 pages of 1970s eye-candy goodness fans have been craving for over forty years.

    Young, as all writers and publishers, are bound by constraints of time and money. If he had put everything he wanted into this book (along with everything Greenberger wanted) it would probably have taken twice the time, be four times as big, and ten times the cost. At that price, how many eye-balls would he have gotten it in front of? The answer is probably not many.

    Buy this book and love it for what it is: a superb coffee table book guaranteed to bring back memories of a simpler time and to start conversations with your friends, children, and grandchildren.

    Peace, Love, and Power Records!

    Austin Hough
    Power Comics, Inc.

  15. JOY WASHINGTON says:

    Both the review and the comments are reasons why I’m purchasing Mr. Young’s books. Why would a bad review help in my decision? The comments were civil, some a bit hard. Except for the critic no one was dismissed because they voiced a different opinion. Rare these days.

  16. Ritchie Cunningham says:

    Here’s my take. Critics should not exist whether they love or hate- you may not….they are not the end all of opinion—that’s “their” opinion. They are a waste of time and effort. What makes them the expert on what people should take away from his/her opinion?
    Why do people ask whether a movie is any good? They may feel totally different than the person that said it stunk. So reviewers ‘get a real job’ that is a positive use of your time.