Box Office Democracy: Passengers

Arthur Martinez-Tebbel

Art Martinez-Tebbel is a writer/actor living in Los Angeles. For two years he saw the #1 movie in America every week and reviewed it for a project called Box Office Democracy. He can occasionally be seen doing improv comedy at a variety of independent venues. He is also a frequent guest at

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2 Responses

  1. imagine says:

    Passengers is silly! If the sole protagonist is an engineer, why doesn’t he think like one?
    Wake up someone from the cryogenic suspension team, if they don’t know how to repair the cryo unit and re-suspend, they’ll know someone in the team who does – are we supposed to believe the ship left earth with all passengers and crew asleep??
    Someone put the last of the crew and then themselves in suspension – that’s the crew member you need to find (if your not resourceful enough to find this info for yourself).
    Totally broke my suspension of disbelief and left me wondering if I really wanted to follow this plonker for another hour.

    • Ken says:

      For some reason, the crew was behind a door that passengers could not break through. Many people and corporations do not do what is smart, logical, prudent, obvious, honest, etc. The corporation wanted to save money, may not have really cared what happened to the passengers because everybody at the corporation would be dead by the time problems were found, etc. Negligence, stupidity, callousness, dishonesty, etc. are rampant everywhere.