Molly Jackson: Still Voyaging After 20 Years

Molly Jackson

Molly Jackson is a many-fandomed geek living in NYC. Basically, name the fandom and she has an opinion. When she isn't working her day job, you can usually find her waiting on line for a comic signing. You can also read up on her exploits as Wilderowens at [insertgeekhere].

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4 Responses

  1. Margaret b5 says:

    Next to Picard Kathryn Janeway was one of the greatest of all starfleet captains. She had to daily face life without a federation backup for 7 years – and keep her crew together too. The show was not perfect. But on occasion it did achieve ST greatness. We really do need more ST back on tv.

    • Molly Jackson says:

      Margaret, I totally agree! Star Trek defintiely translates better on the small screen. The philosophy and storytelling need to be stretched out over time, not crunched down amid explosions. Movies leave very little room for exploration and discovery. TV gives us everything spread out over a season.

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    Hey, Molly, welcome to the ComicMix crew!

    It’s a weird bit of synchronicity that your first column is about VOYAGER. Last week I finished binging on the entire series courtesy of my DVD set. I was so into reliving it that I was actually pissed off as the final episode ended!

    It was a great, great piece of ST mythos (im-not-so-ho)! Kate Mulgrew as Katherine Janeway put as strong an indelible mark on her character as Shatner, Picard, or Brooks. (Bakula, im-no-so-ho, got shafted by the network–he never really got a chance to “quantum leap” Archer out beyond the original series bible.)

    My only complaint IS that final scene in the final episode. I wanted MORE. We should have seen the crew actually set foot on Earth again after 7 years. Most importantly, we should have seen the reunion between Admiral and Lt. Tom Paris.

    And I’m with those who are wishing that ST could return to the small screen again.

    • Molly Jackson says:

      Mindy, thanks for the welcome!! I rewatch Trek series all the time, so I get how you feel. The best medicine is watching more Trek! And give Bakula a shot, he has his moments. :)