Mike Gold: What Goes Around Inevitably Comes Around

Mike Gold

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3 Responses

  1. The rug was pulled out from under Crisis in the fourth or so issue of Justice league when the heroes from “A parallel dimension” (As opposed to Parallel Earth) were introduced.

    The idea of parallel earths / timelines is just too good a story to put on a Bannned list.

    I can, and have, gone on about the thirty-year nightmare that has been DC Comics trying to “Fix” things. Any argument that the original multiverse was too complex is ridiculous. I have long said I could explain the original Multiverse, in exacting detail, in five minutes flat. If I had the skills to edit video, I’d do a you-tube clip. (Do we have people with said skills on staff, by any chance?)

    I get the idea of needing to weed the field every so often. Continuity is like the junk drawer in your kitchen – eventually it gets too full. So you either give the drawer a few shakes to get everything to settle a bit, or you root through it and toss the stuff you know you’ll never need.

  2. mike weber says:

    I mostly stopped reading mainstream comics when “events” became the rule rather than exceptions

    The New 52 took care of the “mostly” part.