Jen Krueger: The Digital Divide – Reading Comics on My iPad

Jen Krueger

Jen Krueger is a writer and improviser living in Los Angeles. Ask her and she'll proudly tell you she hails from Chicago. Don't ask her, and she'll probably tell you anyway. Jen is the Associate Director of the LA Indie Improv Festival, and runs Friday night indie improv show The Manifesto Show with her team Penguins on the Playground. Jen also hosts, a podcast about pop culture before it pops. She owns one Calvinball, two sonic screwdrivers, and has degrees in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity.

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2 Responses

  1. Kim Kindya says:

    Hear hear! I have an Android tablet but I too love binge-reading my comics on it! In fact, I specifically bought a tablet with a color screen rather than just a text-oriented Kindle so I could read comics on it.

    The portability factor is definitely the best part. I have been on a Captain America kick for the past year (can’t imagine WHY) and I’m carrying around something like the past 10 years’ worth of books in my purse. (I don’t even carry a backpack — I have a Large Purse.) I also have a bunch of other things so I can choose what I feel like reading “in the moment” rather than having to plan ahead before I leave the house.

    I have also on more than one occasion buttonholed my 12 year old nephew in the middle of a conversation by whipping out the tablet and shoving it at him. “Read this RIGHT NOW! You’ll love it!” (I had a lot of fun sharing the “Dog’s Eye” view issue of Hawkeye,.)

    It’s also a lot easier to read a 7 inch tablet on a New York City subway ride than schlepping a pile of comics or trades. It’s especially good in a crowded situation where I don’t have room to open up even a trade-size collection.


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