Win a Blu-ray copy of Jerry Lewis’ Famed The King of Comedy

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10 Responses

  1. Andrea Ambrogi says:

    The Bellboy is my favourite Jerry Lewis film! Considering it’s his directorial debut, it’s beautifully and artfully shot. As a comic/comedian himself, he knew exactly how to frame/time/sound his gags and it ended up being a masterpiece. Also, the entire filming process (doing it while maintaining performance/show commitments at the Fontainebleau) and post-production editing at The Sands while he was in Las Vegas makes the movie seem even more impressive.

  2. Tom Winstead says:

    The King Of Comedy is my favorite Jerry Lewis movie. I love this flick!

  3. Ryan Dean says:

    The Nutty Professor is one of my favorite Jerry Lewis films. The comic twist of the Jekyll/Hyde story combined with Lewis’ dual performance as both the Professor and Buddy Love make gives film top marks.

  4. Ronald Oliver says:

    I have many great memories watching Jerry Lewis movies growing up. Not to mention the great (and funny) films with Dean Martin.

    Jerry Lewis is hilarious and great in every film he has starred in. But my favorite is “The Nutty Professor” (1963)! Because in addition to Jerry Lewis’ doing it again, being the truly funny man we fans know and love, this movie also showcases the impressive writing and directing talents of the man himself! It’s a classic fun film! And in my opinion, his finest work!

  5. My favorite Jerry Lewis film is The Ladies Man. Its my favorite because he reigns in the manic energy that he usually displays on film; without becoming maudlin, like The Geisha Boy did. The multi-story cutaway set also showed how good of a technical director he was.

  6. Jen says:

    ‘Artists & Models’ because… well… comics of course but also, Shirley MacLaine! I think this movie was my introduction to the whole Seduction of the Innocent era.

  7. Mindy Newell says:

    Almost wish I wasn’t a member of ComixMix’s columnists so I could enter this!!!!

    All around a brlliant movie, and my favorite Lewis performance!!!!

  8. George Haberberger says:

    This reminds me of last month’s contest. Who won The Americans DVD?

  9. Brad Farb says:

    My favorite Jerry Lewis film is “The Nutty Professor,” because it not only features my favorite of his characters, i.e. the title one, but uses Lewis’ wealth of talents. He sings and does comedy and drama!