Marc Alan Fishman: Fantastically Phoning It In

Marc Alan Fishman

Marc Alan Fishman is a graphic designer, digital artist, writer, and most importantly a native born Chicagoan. When he's not making websites, drawing and writing for his indie company Unshaven Comics, or rooting for the Bears... he's a dedicated husband and father. When you're not enjoying his column here on ComicMix, feel free to catch his comic book reviews weekly at MichaelDavisWorld, and check out his books and cartoons at Unshaven Comics.

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3 Responses

  1. The main problem I had with the issue is that after a steady series of triumphs over enemies great and small, here Reed is faced with something he cannot repair, and promptly stops trying. This run has already been set up as a failure you spend each issue dreading.

    He arranges a walkabout for the family, selling it as an opportunity to get together and just be together, but it’s largely a goodbye for himself, and if he should happen to blunder across a cure, that’s great.

    Coulda been worse – he could have coughed into a hankie, seen blood, and looked about nervously to make sure nobody saw.

  2. Todd Maxwell says:

    Didn’t read it but I thought much the same about the new Captain America by Remender and Romita Jr. Funny you should compare Bagley to JRJr.