“Captain Marvel” and the real history of women’s aviation

Bill Spangler

Bill Spangler

Writer Bill Spangler has written several comics based on the Robotech animated TV series. These original stories include: The Malcontent Uprisings; Return to Macross and Invid War. He’s also written original comics based on Alien Nation and Quantum Leap. His most recent projects include the Tom Corbett, Space Cadet limited series , and “Mutual Assured Destruction,” a prose story that appeared in The Green Hornet Chronicles, Vol. 1. Bill and his wife Joyce live in Bucks County, Pa..

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2 Responses

  1. Mindy Newell says:

    Great article, Bill. I’ve always been interested in the early women aviators–comes from my dad being a P-51 fighter jock. (He never had a problem with women pilots, although his buddy did. I know, I met him. The guy was nice, but a true male chauvinist when it came to women pilots.) I know of Jerrie Cobb and the aborted attempt to have women in the Mercury program. Going to pick up DeConnick’s CAPTAIN MARVEL. You’ve got my interest whetted!