‘Keep Fox On’ is a ‘Lie To Me’ campaign

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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18 Responses

  1. Jonathan (the other says:

    I think perhaps Murdoch has forgotten that his good buddy Bush II is no longer in office, and can't lean on anyone to make the deals go his way any more – especially at license-renewal time…

  2. Sean D. Martin says:

    Fox is lying? And this is news?

  3. Brandon Barrows says:

    I believe I remember Viacom trying to do this awhile ago with their networks and cable channels, and being told by the FCC that it wasn't going to fly. Or maybe that was a different company? I do remember something very similar to this happening last year, though.

  4. Donald L. Mallick says:

    I feel, if the bowl games are not on Fox on Jan 1 and earlier, both Fox and Time Warner are going to hurt. It may be like the air traffic controllers and Ronald Reagan. The controllers thought they had a hold on things and Ronny straigthened things out. Down the road, other Networks will have bowl games and Fox may have coffe with the controllers.Donald L. Mallick

  5. Elnita says:

    The following is what I read on an article that TWC appears to be defending themselves. If this is the case then why won't TWC advertise this message on television the same as FOX is advertising their messages. PEOPLE, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING . . ."The negotiations have nothing to do with the main Fox broadcast network, which actually airs all the shows mentioned in the ads (House, American Idol, The Simpsons, Family Guy and the NFL broadcasts). What's being renegotiated are what Time Warner Cable is actually paying for Fox's cable channels, such as FX, SPEED, FUEL TV, Fox Movie Channel, Fox Reality Channel, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports en Español, and FS Arizona, Florida, Houston, Indiana, Kansas City, Midwest, Southwest, West, and Prime Ticket, SportSouth, and Sun Sports.In fact, Time Warner Cable CAN'T lose the Fox broadcast channel, that channel has must-carry status– a status that Fox has lobbied very hard to get for Fox News, by the way.Fox is attempting to raise the prices they're charging cable companies to carry their networks and are bundling the networks together so you have to carry all of them or none of them, and they're not telling you that's what it's about. I'm sure that if Fox kept their rates constant, TWC would have no problem paying the same rate– but Fox appears to be tripling the rate.Ah, and I now see notes that indicate that if no deal is reached, Fox will pull all of their programming, broadcast and cable both. That should be fun when their licenses come up for renewal."I'VE STATED IF FOX DOESN'T APPEAR ON TWC NEXT YEAR, I'M GOING TO ANOTHER CABLE COMPANY BUT IF THE ABOVE COMMENTS ARE TRUE THEN FOX HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO TO THE CONSUMER.

  6. Rich Wheeler says:

    Why do left-wingers persist in linking Murdock to Bush? Murdock is a liberal; he lets Fox News run to the libertarian/right because it fills a huge hole in the market — namely, news that does NOT have a neo-Marxist bias. He drives his fellow left-wingers batty because he focuses on profit rather than on ideology (as though all the Fox Entertainment programming weren't culturally leftist).As for poor Time Warner Cable, with Fox "bundling the networks together so you have to carry all of them or none of them:" It's the same packaged medicine they give consumers. If they want to pick and choose, they should let us pick and choose. Otherwise, they can just suck it up.

  7. tyrone bundrige says:

    i think that fox need to stop being greedy and come to and agreement with time warner money isn't the only thing what about the customers without them nobody get paid so i would say to fox is that a little bit of somthing is better then alot of nothing so take the 50 cents.

  8. Suzanne says:

    I say let them go….a world without Fox sounds like Utopia to me!

  9. Scott says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Good! Lose Fox already. These Murdock guy is becoming greedy. I don't even like their programming, especially that from their other networks. Yeah, I used to watch King of the Hill and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But King of the Hill got old, and TSCC…well..got pulled after two seasons. Adios Fox! Bon voyage.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It would be a shame if FOX news went away, since they are the only ones that report ALL the news like ACORN, the Bozo czars our President surrounds himself with, the pork in the stimulus packages, etc. Mr. Obama said he would change politics and it is business as usual there is only a different party in charge!!!

  12. Matt says:

    Thank you RICH WHEELER. At least someone understands what's up. As a republican I don't even watch Fox News, (or say MSNBC for that matter) Commentary and even sometimes the actual news should not be biased… period.

  13. virgie tiller says:

    it's not only fox's it is also time warner. don't bring politics in to it . take your political views to the box;

  14. H cohen says:

    I would like to know how Murdock became an American citizen. I don't believe he received it the way most people do.

  15. Eros says:

    If don't have fox 5 for my World Series. I am going to DirecTV. http://keepfoxon.blogspot.com/

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ok, this is disgusting. Think about it. News Corp. is trying to make up in fees with what they've lost in their other subsidiaries during the market downturn. Does anyone realize what News Corp. own? Dow Jones for one. Us simple viewers of quality programming are paying for it because their CEO still needs to be highly paid.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh and Fox, an infamously known supporter of Republican and conservative values. Well, FOX, explain keeping us from programming like Fringe and Bones that pushes the limits of creative and liberal thinking. Is this your play to keep it limited?