An Unshaven Rant: Should I worry about the 2009 Chicago Comic-Con?

Marc Alan Fishman

Marc Alan Fishman is a graphic designer, digital artist, writer, and most importantly a native born Chicagoan. When he's not making websites, drawing and writing for his indie company Unshaven Comics, or rooting for the Bears... he's a dedicated husband and father. When you're not enjoying his column here on ComicMix, feel free to catch his comic book reviews weekly at MichaelDavisWorld, and check out his books and cartoons at Unshaven Comics.

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3 Responses

  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Chicago, like Philadelphia, is a city that can easily support a good comic con. Indeed, Chicago used to be a tentpole convention before Wizard got ahold of it – it was the first show the entire Image team appeared at, resulting in the legendary Image Tent. But Wizard has, for a couple of years now, scheduled them so badly that they're both nearly dead. Philly went up against, and lost to, Heroes Con two years running (tho it looks like they're gotten a different weekend in 2010), and now Chicago is barely two weeks after San Diego. And even if some of the companies wanted to come, they couldn't, becasue their booths got shipped to wherever they're filming the new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie to stand in for SDCC.I went and blogged the rest.

  2. Kyle Gnepper says:

    I'm looking forward to putting on my selling clothes and sling books to fans this year. I'm also really looking forward to the mentioned auction. That Usagi Yojimbo has got my name on it my friend.

  3. Kathy says:

    Aside from traipsing around like Zatanna on Saturday, I'm really looking forward to some of the celebs that will be there, as well as Stuart, Derek, Katie and Art from Artists Alley. I'm very proud of you guys and I look forward to being a "booth babe" again this year.Perhaps it would be prudent of those who run both cons to, I don't know, schedule them so that they're not so frickin' close together! Oh, and if the economy would fix itself, that would also be awesome.