Trevor Von Eeden, ComicMix Resolve Conflict

Mike Gold

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14 Responses

  1. Lord Snooty says:

    Well, I for one think this is great news as I have enjoy the story and art very much, lets just hope you can get back to this kick ass story without too meny outsided views on the "conflict" itself !

  2. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    Glad to see some more material flowing through again guys.

  3. Russ Rogers says:

    So unnamed and unmentionable "concerns" have kept "The Original Johnson" from being published. These were technical and procedural concerns. Well, thanks for spelling that out. It's all clear now. Now I know why I come to ComicMix as my comics news source.So ComicMix had no problem with the art or story. And it wasn't a dispute over money. You had to call in a mediator because you couldn't agree at what DPI the artwork should be scanned? You couldn't choose between RGB and CMYK? What procedures needed a professional mediator to iron out?And because the six-month hiatus "The Original Johnson" has been on hasn't been enough time to "build up a backlog" of material, we'll wait a little longer. How long? When this hiatus began, I thought the delay would be days or weeks, not half a year. So "The Original Johnson" has been held up for six months because of some dispute, but you're not saying what it was. And "The Original Johnson" will be back on ComicMix soon, but you aren't going to say when.Does this have anything to do with the inker who was claiming to be owed thousands of dollars for his work on "The Original Johnson"? No, it can't be that. That's a financial dispute. What happened to that dispute?I'm glad you folks were able to settle your differences. I'm glad that "The Original Johnson" will eventually continue seeing the light of day on ComicMix. I might even continue reading it. The art has been fantastic, while the writing has sometimes been equally awkward and preachy, about as subtle as a cinder block dropped from a fourth story window onto your cranium. And I've been left confused and dismayed by some of the editorial choices, especially where it came to showing graphic sex with children. So far, the graphic portrayals of the sexual abuse of children in "The Original Johnson" have been played for sophomoric laughs, and that's just poor taste. OK, so what's been the deal with "The Pilgrim"?

    • Lord Snooty says:

      Did someone get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning ?? anyway Torchwood was really good can't wait to see the next one tomorrow : )

      • Russ Rogers says:

        Lord Snooty, look at the date on my comment. I got out on the wrong side of the bed about a month ago! This release was posted in June. I commented on it then. Then the item was pulled for almost a month without notice or comment, leaving me to wonder if the mediated deal had fallen through. For a site that claims that it's providing News as well as original comics, there has been very little of either when it came to "The Original Johnson" for the last seven months. The Original Johnson and The Pilgrim just disappeared. Keeping their fans in the dark might have been necessary for ComicMix, but that made this hiatus in publishing even more frustrating.Now recently, we have announcements that both "The Original Johnson" and "The Pilgrim" will be back … soon. Sometime soon. OK, that's great news! ComicMix had a synergistic energy and excitement when it was publishing several different comics each week. I don't think that LONE JUSTICE: CRASH has gotten dull or repetitious being the only comic here. But it would be better if Lone Justice were published side by side with other exciting comics, like The Original Johnson and The Pilgrim. Fans of Trevor Von Eeden or Mike Grell and Mark Ryan would have a greater chance of discovering the excitement of Mark Wheatley and Robert Tinnell and vis versa. It's not just wanting to read more FREE comics (and yes, I'm greedy and I'm all for that too), but I want the one comic that has been coming out on time here to get the maximum exposure it deserves. Because Lone Justice hasn't just been consistently punctual, it's been consistently excellent too!

  4. Tom Fitzpatrick says:

    I agree with Mr. Rogers.It has been far, far too long a wait, for new web-comics.Just reading LONE JUSTICE: CRASH! only, has gotten repetitious. There was a time where there were 5 different comics going on, one each day per week.It's time for Comicsmix to start filling up the week again.

  5. Lord Snooty says:

    I also agree !!it has been far,far too long a time wasted on getting the best deals and still keep hold of the rights to the work/storys you can for the artists and writers, and working with IDW on the printed PAY for comics, time to get back to FREE comics online and readers who only matter US !!

    • Mike Gold says:

      Clearly, ComicMix has had to retrench. We're an advertising supported medium, and when the economy went south it took our advertising — and our finances — with it. So we did what we had to do to keep the operation in operation. It's just that simple.(This is a definition of the word "simple" that is synonymous with the phrase "pulling a 150 pound bag of shit up a mountain on a hot summer day.")But… we've got The Original Johnson and The Pilgrim back in full production and new episodes will run soon. We've got new Munden's Bar stories in the works. And, this very week, I received the first script to our new Timothy Truman / Ben Truman series. And we're in negotiations to bring new adventures of a well-established series, a fan favorite, over to ComicMix as well.We've got technical stuff that's been similarly delayed, and we're working on it. We'll have some presence at San Diego, more at Wizard World Chicago (you'll see why in a week or two).But first and foremost, we're grateful you-all have stuck with us while we've been putting it all back together. Honest.Hell, after the conventions I might even have some time to resume blogging here. I want to, but my wife and daughter keep on telling me about the benefits of "sleep."

      • Lord Snooty says:

        I have kind of understood all that, just wish others would see the work that go on to just make Comicmix happen and not just take it as a god given right to have all the great storytellers in the biz working right here for FREE. I for one will be buying the printed IDW comics that COMICMIX do in hopes that this site finally gets the recagnition it deserves.

      • Marc Alan Fishman says:

        Wizard World Chicago? My ears just perked up.

  6. Mike Gold says:

    We really appreciate that, LS. The dedication shown by our readers, our freelancers, and our staff past and present has been extremely gratifying.

    • Lord Snooty says:

      I also feel if you did return here to do a blog I feel you should call it "Comic book publishing for fun and someday profit". Lifting the lid of the editorial process of say Grimjack, you have been threatening to publish those e-mails for some time now : )

  7. Tom Fitzpatrick says:

    You know what they say …. You can sleep when you're "dead"! ;-)