Transformer Title Fights: the War of the Witwicky!

Marc Alan Fishman

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6 Responses

  1. Matt Wright says:

    Shia's a big ol' *&%^& ass!! How can you compare and beat someone who not only wears the bright yellow hard hat, but the shoes to match!! That and the cartoon version was turned into frankenbot at one point in time.While Shia does get Megan Fox, I think in the end the original make out better in life.

  2. Cassie says:

    Hard hat…You can't beat the yellow hard hat. There's no way around it. Plus he just looks like a badass compared to the other. Yellow hard hat for the win!

  3. Kyle Gnepper says:

    I gotta go with Sam on this one. Sam may get beaten around pretty quickly, but if memory serves, Spike even had a transforming suit for a while and still got in trouble a lot.Plus, Spike never got a girl as hot as Megan Fox.

  4. Kathy says:

    What man takes his 14-year kid on an oil rig? Hello, liability! Hope Sparky's got some good ass insurance. Anywho, while Spike does get points for the yellow hard hat, I have to go with Sam on this. Spike was often in trouble (not that Sam isn't whether it be with his parents, Sector 9 or Decepticons) and who can forget the Transformer porn? (Those in my circle will know what I'm talking about.) It's a hard image to shake. No pun intended. (Or was it?)Shia had some serious crap happen to him while filming…broken hand which had to be written in….almost lost an eye…which puts a better perspective on the character. It makes the danger for Sam all the more real. Sam could die. Cartoons could die, too. In fact, wouldn't Spike die if Bumblebee had suddenly transformed with him still inside? Probably. And no one wants to hear the death screams.

    • Brian Sokol says:

      Spike was the kind of 14 year old every foreman wants on his rig. I mean, he wore his oil rig getup everyday even after his job was destroyed. That's dedication.Also, Carlie may not have been as hot as Mikaela, but Spike certainly did get some action back in his day.Overall, Spike is slightly less annoying, so he wins.

  5. David says:

    Spike, because he's not played by Shia.