BOOM! ‘Irredeemable’ trailer debuts

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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1 Response

  1. Neil Ottenstein says:

    At the moment, I am going to pass on this series. Just the title itself turns me off (if he really becomes irredeemable, what's the point?). I've seen this with Kid Miracleman/Marvelman only this seems to take things further and leaving me with a worth taste. It might turn out to be an interesting story that ultimately will be worth reading, but I'll wait until it is collected and I've seen enough reviews to see if they will change my initial reaction. It just looks too dark.