‘Heroes’ to Kill Characters in 2009

Robert Greenberger

Robert Greenberger is best known to comics fans as the editor of Who's Who In The DC Universe, Suicide Squad, and Doom Patrol. He's written and edited several Star Trek novels and is the author of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia. He's known for his work as an editor for Comics Scene, Starlog, and Weekly World News, as well as holding executive positions at both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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3 Responses

  1. Rick Taylor says:

    Well, the TV show has learned to be just as cliche as comics when it comes to an ‘event’.


    • Anonymous says:

      Cliche is using the same idea over and over, when there is room for an original idea. Therefore, it doesn’t apply to this scenario since there are only so many “world-altering” events that can take place. Duh. They are still explosive even if folks have become desensitized to them.

  2. stacy says:

    Oh good, kill off Ando… I can't stand him. Get some new blood on the show.