Respect, by Mike Gold

Mike Gold

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10 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    This echoes the sentiments of MotU, Michael Davis. In his Friday, July 11, 2008 column, "The Asshole Express Card," Michael Davis wrote, "For over twenty years I’ve been talking about American comic creators and publishers standing up and taking the respect we deserve as an industry." What had the Master of the Universe searching for his ZAP Gun that day was the disrespect that American Express had shown comics in an ad where a man with a Super-hero pictured on his credit card loses an account because his clients mock his "kindergarten card." This is ironic, coming from a company that had used Superman as a spokesman just a few years earlier. The ad is still running. I saw it just this week.

  2. Jeremiah Avery says:

    Amen to that! Granted there are those who give some comic fans a bad name, but most of us seem to be doing relatively well. I'm happy to be in a career that allows me to indulge in buying comics. They help relax me after a stressed out week at work (though the crud that's been coming out can be aggrivating).How is it that someone wearing a t-shirt with the Punisher emblem on it is a "loser" but the idiot who painted their face before a sporting event is mainstream? If that's the accepted norm, then I'm content in being on the fringe with people who actually know how to have some fun.I get insulted when people who will watch a film based on a comic look down on those who actually read them. I'm supposed to feel bad about myself because I know how to read, whereas they need someone to put sound and move the pictures along? Screw that!

  3. Jonathan (the other says:

    Hey, I'm a comic-book geek (and a role-playing nerd, too) – and I met and married an amazingly hot woman who fits those categories as well. (One of our early dates was a three-day event – the 1997 San Diego Comic-Con. That, as I recall, was the one where she didn't realize until later that Harlan Ellison was hitting on her.) So far, nobody's dissed comics to my face – but if they should, I can either present my wife or (if she's not with me) pull her picture out, and tell them that this is what an interest in comics can get you… :-)

    • Alan Coil says:

      Harlan may have been flirting with her, but at that time Harlan was, and still is, happily married to a woman he admires so much that he wouldn't stray.

  4. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    As it were Mr. Gold, I took a day off so me and my Unshaven bretheren could have a work day. I used a comp day I earned from working 93 hours of overtime in the last month. My boss asked me what I was gonna do today and I said "what I really wanna do… make comics." He snickered. No respect… no respect at all.

  5. Elayne Riggs says:

    I dunno, every time I tell a "civilian" that my husband draws comic books, they're impressed and intrigued. Maybe I just travel in different circles.The thing that amuses me about that AmEx ad is that, if I recall correctly, the guy with the superhero credit card is entertaining Europeans. In real life, the Europeans might be MORE impressed by his credit card, since they seem to have far more respect for the medium over there than they do here.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Superheroes, not so much. But I'll bet you there are a lot of Tintin and Asterix credit cards out there!Personally, I use a Hulk debit card. Hulk smash, indeed.

  6. Steve Chaput says:

    People often seem surprised when I tell them that I read comics. I believe that they feel that as a Librarian, I should only be reading 'real books' rather than those things with guys in outfits hitting each other. Frankly, I don't even bother getting annoyed anymore, simply shrugging and telling them that I've been reading them for over fifty years and still enjoy them.I think the new American Express Card commercial is more troubling, with the ticket agent at an airport calling security because she doesn't like the appearance of the passenger's credit card. She does this even without bringing up the man's account. Do we smell lawsuit if this happened in real life? I know it's a commercial but it just seems very unfunny.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      Libraries are funny beasts. More and more libraries are stocking more and more "graphic novels." But my local library is schizophrenic as to where it shelves them. Most are in "Youth Fiction." But there is no "Adult Fiction" graphic novel section. So adult graphic novels, like "Ghostworld," get shelved in with the non-fiction books on drawing and cartooning. The Manga books get their own ghetto on the spinner racks next to the romance novels. The Spiegelman "Little Lit" books are shelved with children's picture books. It makes no sense! Ah well, at least they are there. And I can now buy "Bone" through my daughters Scholastic Book Club! Progress is slowly being made.