Del Toro Talks ‘The Hobbit’

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  1. mike weber says:

    For example, reading or watching World War I documentaries or books that I think inform The Hobbit, strangely enough, because I believe it is a book born out of Tolkien's generation's experience with World War I and the disappointment of being in that field and seeing all those values kind of collapse.Yes and no – his WW1 experiences in Flanders inform Lord of the Rings moe than they do The Hobbit, from what i've read about Tolkien.One thing that i find amusing re The Hobbit is that, having finally visited Oxford some years ago, i saw The Eagle and Child (informally, "The Bird and Baby"), the pub where the Inklings met to drink beer and discuss their current projects. And the sign outside has, on one side, a huge eagle carrying off a terrified baby, and, on the other, a smiling child riding on the back of a soaring eagle.As soon as i saw that, my mind flashed to a couple of scenes in The Hobbit

  2. lyn curran says:

    I am a Tolkein fan – I reread the books almost every 2 years or so. Looking forward to The Hobbit coming out in film form. I would love to be a hobbit in the film.