‘The Graysons’ Fly to the CW

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13 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Since Dick Grayson didn't become Robin untill he was anywhere from 8-12 years old (depending on which version they're going with), would these be the adventures of a preteen living in an adult world (as a circus performer) – moving around the country. or world, without any real friends his own age?Of course, there could be a young girl performer for his friend and to make things interesting as he gets older.Also (since there's the age restrictions), if the show is a hit, it seems a change in direction would be required as he becomes a teenager and tragedy strikes his parents ….

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you, Dave. In Post-Crisis/Post-Infinite Crisis canon, Dick Grayson was 12 when orphaned, and he became Robin a number of months afterwards during Year Three of Batman's war on crime (See Dark Victory, Batman: Year Three, and Robin: Year One).This idea for a show could be very good or could go very bad. Please God let them cast a 10 or eleven year old in the role of "DJ." Joel Schumacher already casted Robin as a late teens/early twenties version in Batman Forever: namely Chris O'Donnell. That was silly, because the fact that Dick was not quite a teenager when his parents died made it more dramatic and good storytelling. Get an actually young kid who can act, not act whiny or annoying, but can have the audience feel for him.Don't get me wrong, I liked SMALLVILLE, but I had problems with the 25 year old Tom Welling acting the part of a fourteen year old in the first season. Had they gotten Stephen Bender, the kid who played Young Clark in Superman Returns, that would have been more realistic and believeable. Allison Mack (Chloe), Kristen Kreuk (Lana), and Sam Jones (Pete) were actually teens when first cast. By the way, hopefully they won't give him an older brother like in Forever, or go around calling him "Boy Wonder" or "little Robin." Just a red-green jumpsuit with a golden "R" symbol embroidered on the breast or back of the costume would do.

    • Rick Taylor says:

      Sounds like the same approach/tenor as the TV Hulk show.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are better ideas for Smallville-like DC shows. I've always wanted a Hawk and Dove, and the Question, and yet they come up with the Graysons? It does dodge any continuity issues.

  3. Andrew Bergstrom says:

    Sorry, but I don't see the Graysons flying with this storyline…Ambushbug would be a better premise than this!Maybe Steven Speilberg could be enticed into producing a "Ragman" TV show, kinda like a watered down version of "Schindler's List" (NOW with extra Angst!) Yeah! That's it! A teenaged version of Ragman, who has to deal with being one of the only Jewish superheroes, having to live in an oppressive 'Christian World', deal with prejudice and girlfriends who keep teasing and never put out!Genius!Now, why is it I'm not working at the CW/UPN/WB/Sci-Fi network?Bonus question: Name the only Jewish President of the United States of America in history?

    • Dave says:

      The only Jewish President in the USA was Thomas Jefferson.

      • Andrew Bergstrom says:

        Sorry, Jeffy boy was a goy, even as fabulous as he was… Even if he had an ancestor that was Jewish, it doesn't count unless you practice and are out in the open…

        • Dave says:

          Well, useing that definition, who WAS "the only Jewish President of the United States of America". As far as I can tell (other than Jefferson) the USA hasn't had a Jewish president. "No one", as an answer, makes your question sort of pointless.

          • Andrew Bergstrom says:

            Congratulations on spotting the trick question! I guess the real answer is that no one of Jewish heritage or faith is foolish enough to want the job. The real power is in the House and Senate! As Douglas "DNA" Adams once said "The President's job is to distract away from the real power."Does the job come with a target painted on your back or what?So, to tie this in with the article, "The Grayson's" has as much potential to succeed on TV as a Jewish President of the USA to be elected…

          • Dave says:

            People used to say a Catholic couldn't succeed as President of the USA…until JFK.Also, tying back in to this article, I believe The Graysons (like any concept for a TV show, movie, comic book, etc.) could succeed with the right people behind it. The world of entertainment is ripe with examples of success stories which began as silly/stupid concepts.

  4. Kyle says:

    I will watch it but idk if it will be good. i don't like robin with batman at all so they are really going to have to create something exciting like smallville did. I definately wouldn't do the stupid circus thing maybe gymnastics or something but the circus? thats pretty gay. I love smallville and if this takes its place it better be good… truthfully i thought they would make a series about the green arrow…

  5. Andrew Bergstrom says:

    Hmmm…. Interesting word choice "RIPE" you used. I'll concede that there are a lot of possibilities, but having the creator Ben Edlund involved didn't keep the live action "Tick" show from becoming the vaccuumous wasteland that it was. The animated show scored far higher since it followed the source material closely, but the politics, producers, and studios all put in their two cents to make the live action show tank like the Titanic.It is sad that very few visonaries are allowed to bring their dreams to fruition, nor let them continue unhindered to make the magic that eludes those at the top. Joss Wedon never had the support on 'Firefly' like he has today, (which is many shades of too late) so Fox cancelled it before it completed airing the 6th episode? Even though the execs back then are gone, it still seems like there is plenty of stupidity lingering to go around at that studio to keep good shows from going bad. Fox has had a history of taking chances that no one else will on shows with a wild premise, but they lack the wisdom to commit to a whole season before pulling their support.On occasion they do get lucky, with say 'House', and several other mentionable, but on the whole I find their actions reprehensible even to this day. I'll also admit that I don't fall into the demographic that they're looking for with Smallville either, so YMMV (your milage may vary) on whether my opinions would count anyway…