Review: ‘Fringe’ Episode #104

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2 Responses

  1. Sweetnote says:

    Excellent Review! Right on the money too! I'm going to be a long term watcher and last night's episode really set my soul aflame for more like this! Reminiscent of some of the great XFile Episodes, this episode of Fringe will indeed be looked back upon as one that set the feel for the uniquely weird! SO love Crazy Bishops character and the interaction between the son/father. The revelations were eye openers into all sorts of possibilities for future episodes! And the Observer…has the same guttural, weird feeling as when I watch Sylar on Heroes! Great fun!

  2. Paul1963 says:

    It wouldn't surprise me if Astrid quietly disappeared. She's had little to nothing to do, and it would be easy to explain her absence by saying she just couldn't trust Walter anymore after his little stunt this week. The absent-minded professor bit was probably something she found endearing. The sudden jab with a sedative-loaded hypo? Not so much.