Review: ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’

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4 Responses

  1. Craig Wood says:

    What is it about Hellboy ? I love the anti-hero thing. This might actually make it to date night.

  2. Mark Torres/MFC Stud says:

    I hated the first movie, yet really realy liked this one. It's funny, only when I was explaining the movie to a friend, did I realize the biggest flaw (which hurt the movie to no end). Before I get to that, I just have 2 questions:Doesn't Abe need the water suit to breathe outside? If yes, then why wasnt he wearing it during 3/4 of the movie? If no, then why was he wearing it in the beginning of the movie?Secondly,…hmm, should I wait for the spoiler questions?

    • Rick Marshall says:

      Yes, please do, Mark!

      • Mark Torres/MFC Stud says:

        ok, enought time has passed. Thing one why were the heroes worried/concerned about the main baddie killing his sister? As we saw at the end of the movie, (and not only was it well established, but the good guys knew about it) if one died the other died. So the response to the line (and I may be misquoting) "anyone moves and she dies" is "Umm.. wouldn't you die also?" end of movie….But the army was cool!