Interview: Zak Penn on The Grand, X-Men Fans and Co-Writing Hulk

Chris Ullrich

Chris Ullrich is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. In addition to ComicMix, he is a contributor to some of the most popular entertainment sites on the net, including The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), Download Squad, Cinematical, Comic Book Resources and LAist, where he has served as Technology Editor.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let's get a petition for Penn like they have going for Uwe.As a writer Penn is almost as good as Uwe is a director.I don't want to ever see another Marvel franchise forsaken by the stench delivered by Penn.Could I do better? No, obviously not, but as a fan I am absolutely sick and tired of having him attached to Marvel films, and having him ruin them as a result.Nothing good has come from him, nothing.

  2. jorge pagan says:

    to mr. penn or anyone at fox: if any of you are reading this… at least make an origin story about the x-men character storm. how she started as a pickpockets in cairo,working for the shadow king. whenever she fluked a job,the shadow king used to cage her in a box or in a dark secluded room as punishment,hence her claousthrophobic condition. how profesor-x rescued her and vanished the shadow king to the astral plane forever. at least can you include that story in your script. avid comic book fanboy:jorge

  3. eric surya says:

    I'm dying to see HAVOK in the new spin-off. Could you think about it again Mr.Penn?

  4. Rich Pitoniak says:

    iam confussed Pheonix had fire in x-2 and in x-3 she did not cause he thinks it is dumb, he might have wrote the first draft of x-2 which i assume Singer and Hayter tweaked alot if x-3 is what Penn really wrote jeez, x-2 is 100 times better then x-3 there is no way Penn wrote x-2 cause x-2 was good and x-3 sucked.


    Hi,I just wanna know more about the grandx