Battlestar Galactica Interview: Mark Verheiden on Cylon Babies and Season Four Secrets

Chris Ullrich

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Jane!

  2. amyv says:

    who says that Sharon (not Boomer, but Athena) didn't sense the Cylons nearby? no one asked her, and she didn't get much facetime. and Athena shared in those visions, too, remember….

  3. Tom Fitzpatrick says:

    I have this theory that the reason why Kara (Starbucks) can remember 6 hours and not know the 2 months difference is that the whole series is in some sort of a time loop. This may be confirmed by the quote "All that has happened, happened before, and will happen again" by Leoban and the hybrid (in Razor).I wouldn't be surprised that if such a time loop exists, it may be revealed that Cmdr Adama and his rag tag armade turns out to be the lost 13th tribe (whose trail that they're following). After all, the whole group is made up of 12 tribes and when you bunch 'em all together – they're a complete 13th tribe.Of course, it's just a theory (or two). ;-)

  4. sungoddess says:

    "Jesus died for mankind's sins, but Baltar actually committed a lot of sins…" you know, historically this is not accurate, and in terms of the show, you're quite right. I think Baltar is a lot more like Jesus than the average Christian would be willing to admit. Most Christian's don't even know their own history. "How come Number 6 can sense the "final five" Cylons and Boomer can't? "Dude, cause it's Athena on the Galactica. Boomer is with the Cylon fleet. And yeah, curious as to why Athena's vision is dovetailing more with Roslin's. Note, it's always Caprica and Baltar who go with Hera into the Opera House. It is Baltar and Six who see the Final Five, never Athena and Roslin. Certainly a metaphor for Roslin being the Dying Leader, and not 'seeing the promised land', but what does that mean for Athena? I fear for her.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Jane!I really would like it if people would stop referring to Sharon Agathon as "Boomer". If you've been following the show, the difference is clear. It's like mispronouncing "Giles" as "Guyles", or referring to a Raider as a Centurion.I'm really excited about the upcoming developments, especially Natalie and the Final Five.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Caprica and Athena will be able to ID the Final Five once that programming has been overcome. At the very least, when the Final Five reveal themselves, the other Cylons should believe it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well, in the episode, there is the reference to Adama's right eye being shot out. Like Tigh's right eye got pulled out by the Cylons. And I'd need to check the episode again, but I think in the shot we see, it's the right eye of Anders that reacts to the scan of the Cylons

  8. Roy Eliasson says:

    Roy Eliasson wrote It is impossible for Tight to be a Cylon . I think he was brain washed when he was captured on new Caprica they the "Cylons" are using him as a spy when they need him the will push the button and he will do their bidding. Are we to think that he was just let go to run the resistance after his wife had a romp with one of the skin jobs don’t think so Roy Eliasson

  9. Paul Anderson says:

    Excellent dialogue here.Baltar is BSG's answer to someone else in the scifi history. poking fun I suppose.Gee- I can't get the show here on this side of the planet.But do you have a supersize version of the bsglastsupper.jpg?I have dual 1280×1024 screens and would love to have a 2560 for a wallpaper.