Interview: Scott Allie on Serenity, Buffy and the Joss Whedon Universe

Chris Ullrich

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2 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    Count me as one of those that is pretty neutral about Buffy/Satsu, or as they're lovingly called, Bustu. I think the transition was natural and completely makes sense in terms of both Buffy's past behavior and experiences with relationships. And the gay thing? Ohhhh who cares?!

  2. Charles says:

    well count me as someone who thinks the whole relationship is both a ratings stunt and a rehash of an Old plot. Not with Willow as a reader suggested but of Buffy's relationship with Spike. She needs to be loved, etc… What a farce and forced u-natural relationship or evolution for her character, it makes absolutely no sense. What would have made sense was to pair her off with Xander who as the interviewer notes, is overlooked and basically become what he was on the series, a background character.People like Allie are too much in love with the idea to get the message. Just like Joss, that's why he doesn't have a TV series on the air anymore and why Dollhouse will likely be cancelled after a year or year and a half. He doesn't get it anymore and is just re-hashing old stories. It's sad to see fans who are able to take his characters and give them meaningful, interesting and dynamic change yet the creator keeps trotting out tired, cliche stories yet is applauded for it.