Spielberg Says ‘No’ to ‘Indy 4’ Digital Projection?

Chris Ullrich

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1 Response

  1. Michael H. Price says:

    The film-purist aesthetic would remain valid — if the film-exhibition industry still nurtured talent capable of projecting a film accurately. But the bottom-liner multiplex operators have automated their racket to the extent that film-break and focus-lapse/audio-dropout incidents are routine, but correction is not.Then, too, the print-manufacturing process has been so cheapened that the labs might as well be printing on Saran Wrap. Couple a fragile print with the high-tension platter-projection process and the inattentive minimum-wage staffing favored by the cheapskate theater operators, and you've got a film-break waiting to happen.Show me a theatre where the film is shown from reels, not a platter, and where the projectionist lives in the projection booth and keeps the machinery up to snuff, and I'll show you where to watch Film for the Sake of Film. For the corporate multiplexes, however, digital projection is the only way to get around the pinch-penny operational tactics.