Writers Strike ‘Officially’ Over

Chris Ullrich

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3 Responses

  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    So should we all celebrate by downloading an episode of a show? Get that royalty money flowing?

  2. John Ostrander says:

    If I understand it correctly, THIS vote was not about accepting the contract. THIS vote was about stopping the strike action which was, as you noted, overwhelmingly approved. The vote to accept the contract still has to go forward and, no doubt, WILL be approved.Given that the SAG membership really supported the WGA and enabled them to get what they've gotten. I expect that the SAG will get AT LEAST what the WGA got. The biggest news out of the strike, IMHO, is how the WGA and the SAG found solidarity together. That CAN'T be something the producers were hoping to see.

  3. Chris Ullrich says:

    John, you understand it perfectly. This vote was to end the strike and get back to work, which was tantamount to accepting the new contract. However, their will still be yet another vote in the near future to actually ratify it.Regarding SAG, I'm not so sure they will end up with the same thing the WGA got, but it may be similar. Each makes an important contribution to the whole project, but those contributions are different and should probably carry with them a different structure for residuals, etc. In many ways I consider the writer to have more of an “authorship” role on a film or TV show and as such they should be entitled to larger share in any profits, etc.Actors, on the other hand, while very important to the process, are not as much of a creative force on most projects as the writer – especially in TV. Anyway, whatever happens, I guess we'll find out in June.