On This Day: Red Nose Day!

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  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Comic Relief is far more of a national event in Britain than it is here. The big comedy stars produce little shorts to run during the assorted specials (This is where the spectacular Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death came from, written by alleged 2010 DW show-runner Stephen Moffat), the red noses are worn everywhere, and generally it's much more a thing that Bob Zmuda's American version which barely registers any more.David Walliams of the show Little Britain swam the Channel in 2006 for the charity, raising over a million pounds alone. The sketches are usually released on disc as a further fundraiser. Last year Catehrine Tate (soon to be back on Doctor Who) did a series of sketches with guest stars including David Tennant, Daniel Craig, the cast of Britains version of Deal of No Deal, and PM Tony Blair (Who got to say her "Am I bovvered?" catch phrase back at her).