Captain America Returns… With a Gun!

Rick Marshall

Rick Marshall was Online Managing Editor for ComicMix before joining MTV's SplashPage. Previously, he was Online Content Manager for Wizard Entertainment. He has written for several daily newspapers, alternative weekly newspapers, trade magazines and online media, and was named "Writer of the Year" by the New York Press Association in 2005.

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7 Responses

  1. R. Maheras says:

    Bucky's always been a gun-toting hothead — but his weapon of choice was usually the tommy gun. Check out:Captain America #22:…Captain America #25:…Captain America #27…Captain America #29…Captain America #33:…Heck, even Cap picked up a tommy gun occasionally, as he did in these two issues:

  2. Alan Coil says:

    Let me be the first (of many?) to say I just don't care what Marvel is doing.

  3. Sal Loria says:

    I'm on board for this. Simply put: Ed Brubaker brought back Bucky, and made it work. He "killed" Steve Rogers, and made it work. He's been writing Captain America for 8 issues since Rogers' death, and made it work. Now he's putting Bucky in the role? That's right… he'll make it work.The hype machine I could do without, but hey, at least it gets people talking about comics. That's usually not a bad thing.

    • Rick Taylor says:

      No doubt he'll do a god job.I just wish we had a new stunt to beat into the ground besides the blow up the universe/kill the hero event.Time will tell.

  4. Sean D. Martin says:

    Interesting that Spider-Man needed to get back to basics and completely undid his marriage (as if it hadn't been the case for, what, nearly two decades?) at the same time they're making such radical changes to another of their flagship characters.Any bets on how long (short?) it is before someone decides Cap needs to go "back to basics" and they ditch this "experiment" (God!), the gun and the shoulder stars and bring back the shield?

    • Rick Taylor says:

      My bet -It'll last until the movie rolls into production. If that doesn't happen soon, a year maybe two until the next marketing idea rolls out. Or both.