Ingagi: Gorillas in Our Midst, by Michael H. Price

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2 Responses

  1. John Tebbel says:

    Great column. An important piece of the pop culture puzzle, new to this geezer.I'm delighted to learn that there's a reason for those Hal Roach gags and Silver Age gorilla covers. The Laurel and Hardy pic with Ethel the Gorilla is a killer.(I must say the new smaller type size and zero leading (to speak typographically) make the columns almost impossible to read. I know I can fix the type size (but before I didn't have to) but the leading I can't. Btw, the news bits are now leaded too much. I must run and tell the king.)

  2. Michael H. Price says:

    Thanks, John, and pardon the tardy response. There are all sorts of pop-cultural pivots lying buried and in need of unearthing — if only to demonstrate that they merit obscurity. No telling where us gorilla-my-dreams enthusiasts would be without INGAGI (which pre-dates KONG by three years but is hardly the first ape-rampage movie), but I think it's reasonable to say we'd have seen fewer such pix and comix over the long haul. Picture a world without NABONGA or WHITE PONGO. Was INGAGI an influence on Don Martin? Quien sabe, Kemosabe?