Conversations with Roy Rogers, by Michael H. Price

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2 Responses

  1. Marilee J. Layman says:

    We used to have lots of Roy Rogers Restarants in this area, but Hardee's bought up all but three, changed them to Hardee's with Roy's Breakfast, and then went out of business locally. Fortunately, one of the three left is just a couple miles from me. I have a Double-R Burger every now and then, and I think they have the best fast food french fries.

  2. Michael H. Price says:

    Haven't seen a Roy Rogers eatery locally (North-by-Northwest Texas) in quite some time, but I remember fondly the original menu and the original décor. More substantial fare, overall, than one expects from a franchise joint.The early-'70s get-togethers with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (and on occasion, Pat Brady) were a highlight of my involvement with the Tri-State Fair at Amarillo, Texas. (Another highlight was the annual visit from a maverick cousin of mine who managed the fair's carnival component.) Rogers and Evans and I would visit at length backstage following their opening show at the Fairgrounds Coliseum, then catch up the next morning for a round of golf at Amarillo's municipal course. Always came away with more interview notes than the local newspaper could accommodate. Both stars were terrific conversationalists and storytellers. Dale's career in particular also is well represented in the National Cowgirl Museum at Fort Worth.