R. Crumb’s Music Madness and Me, by Michael H. Price

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5 Responses

  1. richard g boyle says:

    many thanks for somethin interesting on the crumb bum…it gets so tiring hearing the same old stories…he truly is one of the more intelligent voices of these crazy times..(all time is by nature "crazy"though..dig?..hang on…Im not sure what I mean ether! )…and I LOVE stories about him….this is a good one you got goin here..I spent an evening in Paris with mr Crumb a couple of years ago..I wrote notes afterward on every thing we talked about…I would like to write it up..it was a great night..best..Rich..

    • Michael H. Price says:

      And thanks for reading, there. Never a dull moment with R.C., and I do sincerely miss his direct company. We'll probably be developing another version of R. CRUMB COMIX during the next few years.

  2. Howard Cruse says:

    I'm looking forward to the next installment. And by the way, Hi, Mike, after quite a while.

    • Michael H. Price says:

      That'll be coming right up, Howard, and thanks for reading. Been following your fine work all along, meanwhile. Delighted to hear from you.

  3. Gerald Blow says:

    Thanks, M, for this wonderful insight into Ft Worth – not to mention world – theatre history!